Corporate Sponsor Program

Corporate Sponsors are invited to engage at various levels with Residential Life’s Corporate Sponsor Program. Corporate Sponsors have a positive record of customer satisfaction and have demonstrated good business practices compliant with the University’s purchasing guidelines. Engagement is not just limited to undergraduate housing; it is possible with Graduate Student Housing and the UCLA Campus as a whole.

Corporate Sponsors are welcome and encouraged to engage with our on-campus housing students to provide and/or promote their products and services to approximately 11,000 undergraduate students and are used to initiate, enhance and broaden the scope of on-campus programming.

UCLA’s on-campus housing and its students benefit from the involvement of Corporate Sponsors via enhanced opportunities for programming consistent with Residential Life’s Core 5: Support the Academic Mission, Cultivate Safe Environments, Encourage Personal Growth, Foster Social Responsibility, and Develop Leaders. Sponsor fees raised through this program are also reinvested into student programming.

Most importantly, Corporate Sponsors are given the opportunity to establish mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships with on-campus housing students and their families as well as professional and student staff within the department

Should you have any questions regarding the Corporate Sponsor Program, please contact Kiran Mistry at

I want to say many thanks for your help and support at the Vendor Fair for the students at move-in. Most successful one I’ve had since doing this for 9 years. The orders are still coming-in via the internet and call-ins and our orders should exceed last year. The Mat Promotion giveaway was very successful as it generated a lot of fun and interest from all the students. Thanks for drawing the names for us. I also want to say how very well we were treated by everyone on your staff at UCLA. They helped us with sign making and were very supportive!

— Steven Pickett, Collegiate Concepts, Inc.

Benefits for Each Level Bruin Blue
Customize budget to fit a budget (1) X
Listed on Website (2) X X X X
Sponsor flier (3) X X X
Fall Vendor Fairs (4) 1 days 2 days 3 days
Spring Vendor Fair (5) $1,000 $1,000 X X
Additional Res Life Event (6) $500 $500 X X
Email blast to 16,000+ residents (7) X
Email blast to 500+ staff members (8) X
Additional Campus event (9) X
  1. Customize programs to fit your needs for smaller events.
  2. Website will have a URL that you provide and can be changed once a quarter (if requested).
  3. Digital and print fliers are posted in 50 locations within the residence halls for the first week of fall quarter.
  4. UCLA Move-In Fair is 4 hours per day for 3 days when students and family members are on campus moving in for the start of school in the fall. Partners gets a 10’x10’ space for this outdoor event and set up a display within their approved booth display.
  5. Spring Vendor Fair is a 4 hour event in May in the heart of the residence halls. Partners gets a 10’x10’ space for this outdoor event and set up a display within their approved booth display.
  6. Selection of one educational event (Tech Fair, Sustianival, etc.). Partners can setup a table display at the event (location varies TBA).
  7. An email is sent out during the summer to 16,000+ residence and parents informing them of the move in process and back to school events. Your company’s name and URL will be included in the campus centered email.
  8. An email sent to all Resident Life Staff about your company’s services that would include a digital coupon that they can share with their floor communities.
  9. You can choose one event to attend that takes place on campus (November-Nov., I Heart Walking-Feb., or UC Walks-May) where you can have a booth presence, included in digital assets (web, email), and in the registrations process (if a prize is donated to the event). Partners can bring a 10’x10’ display for this outdoor event and set up a display within their booth.

Contact Information

Kiran Mistry
Development and Sponsorship Officer
(310) 678-4556

Current Sponsors

Title Sponsor

Mirco-Fridge Sponsor

Platinum - $6,000

Gold - $5,000

Silver - $2,500

Bronze - $1,000

Bruin Blue