Living Learning Communities Resident Assistant

Be a part of the Living Learning Communities (LLC) Experience! Apply to be an LLC RA!

What Are the Living Learning Communities?

Residential Life supports 10 Living Learning Communities and the Transfer Experience where students with similar interests live together and participate in programs that cater to their academic, social, and personal needs. Students in an LLC partake in academic experiences with their peers, interact with faculty, and enjoy the benefits of a diverse community that shares scholarly interests.

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How To Become an LLC Resident Assistant

Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year will be open from March 22nd - April 5th.

  1. Monday, March 22, 2021: RA Application Opens. A confirmation email will be sent once we have received your application.
  2. Monday, April 5, 2021 at 12pm, Noon (PST): RA Application Closes
  3. We plan to complete application review by the end of April to have a list of “finalists”. At that point, we will notify candidates about their status, but will wait to make offers until we know the total number of RAs we can hire for next year.

Note: LLC RAs will go through the same application process as traditional RAs, but must also complete a brief supplemental application. To be eligible for the LLC RA position, student must currently be in the RA application pool. For information about that process, please refer to the Resident Assistant Employment Page.

What is a Living Learning Communities Resident Assistant?

LLC Resident Assistants (RA) have the opportunity to shape a student’s experience in one of our 10 Living Learning Communities and the Transfer Experience. They share in the responsibilities of a Resident Assistant, and contribute to the LLC in the following ways:


  1. Participate in recruitment of Community Development Intern for LLC (reviewing app + interviewing)
  2. Attend quarterly meeting with entire LLC staff
  3. Meet with LLC team regularly to plan LLC events
  4. Send out frequent reminders and updates to all students of the LLC (not just those who live on the floor)
  5. Work with LLC student group affiliates and liaise with other internal and external partners
  6. Meet with LLC affiliated Faculty in Residence quarterly
  7. Work with intern to budget additional LLC funds from the department


  1. Plan Welcome Reception
    Invite campus partners
    Connect with faculty and stakeholders
    Invite alumni of floor and UCLA alumni seeking involvement
  2. Coordinate Floor Retreat
    Provide a time for students on the floor to get to know one another outside of the building and to bond over their interest in the floor.
  3. Plan Signature Program
    Work with intern to plan a large-scale event that will cater to the UCLA community and engage floor to participate in its planning and implementation.
  4. Host at least one LLC related program each quarter.


  1. In spring, you are invited to connect with former LLC staff to learn about the program and to start thinking about curriculum for the next year
  2. During summer RA training, meet with LLC Coordinator to discuss 9 Deliverables & their implementation
  3. Attend 2 additional trainings with LLC intern, co-LLC RA, Assistant Resident Director, and Resident Director during summer RA training.
  4. Meet with primary stakeholders and campus partners to connect and establish relationships

Additional Perks & Support

  1. LLC RAs have access to funds to use toward their own professional development around their LLC theme
  2. Strong connection with faculty and opportunity to work alongside them for academic collaborations
  3. Non-cash prizes for completion of LLC related events


For questions about the Living Learning Communities and the LLC RA role, please email:

For general questions about this position or the recruitment process, please email