Summer Resident Assistant (Summer RA)

The Summer RA position is open to current UCLA students only. Hiring preference is given to current or previous UCLA RA staff.

These positions are live-in, part-time (40%) positions. Candidates are considered for an appointment of 12 weeks to any of the residence halls or residential suites. Resident Assistants may be asked to move buildings throughout the summer to fill staffing needs. The functions of all Resident Assistants are the same; however the manner in which functions are implemented may vary according to the specific hall/suite assignment, or type of summer program assignment.

Under the supervision of a Resident Director, the Summer Resident Assistant is responsible for the administration and implementation of the student development program on a floor or in a suite building. The Resident Assistant will perform the following functions:

  • Promote, develop, and implement programs to meet departmental goals.
  • Maximize positive resident interaction and their interaction with the campus community
  • Develop community among residents
  • Establish an atmosphere conducive to study and provide formal academic assistance to residents
  • Counsel residents regarding problems or concerns and provide resource and referral information
  • Enforce residence halls and university regulations and refer misconduct
  • Help to maintain the safety and general well-being of residents
  • Provide “duty coverage” for the hall or suites on a rotation basis. Summer RAs for the Bruin Guardian Scholars Summer Academy will provide coverage from 7:00pm to 7:00am. Other Summer RAs provide coverage from 8:00pm to 7:00am.
  • Be generally available in the facility Sunday through Thursday evenings
  • Summer RAs for the Bruin Guardian Summer Academy will will work with day-time academic Peer Mentors to coordinate programming and community development.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • These duties may be revised depending on summer program assignment. Although, most of the Summer RA duties occur in the evening, additional day time employment must be reviewed and approved by the supervisor.
  • Summer staff members are usually required to relocate during the summer, depending on occupancy patterns and department needs.

About Summer Programs

Summer Session, College Summer Institute, Orientation, FST/TSP, SPUR/ CARE, ELC, Summer Institute

Conference groups are a large part of the residents during the summer months. Groups check-in and out vary frequently. Resident Assistants assigned to communities that will house conference groups may be asked to move several times in the summer depending on facilities where conference groups are assigned.

Bruin Guardian Scholars Summer Academy

The UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholars Summer Academy sponsored by First Star, is an intense, free, 5-week residential summer program that provides 30 disadvantaged foster youth with the academic support, enrichment and encouragement needed to assist them in becoming competitive applicants for subsequent admission to two and four year colleges, including universities within the UC system.


Demonstrated experience with the UCLA active duty system. Experience in providing programs for residential populations. Experience in responding to crisis and counseling situations. Grade point average of 2.30 or above. Continued employment contingent upon satisfactory completion of background check.


Room and 19 meals during summer session and during breaks when work is required. Reimbursement of basic telephone service charge.

Tentative Dates of Employment (Based on Assignment)

A mandatory Training session for all Summer Staff will be held Friday June 18th from 9am-8pm. Summer Session 2015 runs from June 19th through September 11th. Participation in training is mandatory regardless of assignment.

How to Apply

Complete an application. Applications are due at noon on May 1, 2015.


For questions about Bruin Guardian Scholars Summer Academy contact Sharon Chia Claors at

For all other questions contact Summer Resident Directors - Dr. Marsh Allen Smith and Zan Tansey at

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