Resident Learning Center Consultant

The Resident Learning Center Consultant (RLCC) is a live on position that is responsible for proctoring the on campus housing computing facilities (computer labs) located in Rieber Hall, De Neve Plaza, and Covel Commons as well as providing on campus housing residents with technical education and programming/workshops on a part-time (45%) 12-18 hours/week basis. Under the direct supervision of the Resident Technology Supervisors (RTS) and the System Analyst for Student Computing the RLCC’s functions include:


What does it mean to be a Resident Learning Center Consultant?

RLCCs live on campus with the residents (one per residential community and proctor the learning centers at Covel Commons, De Neve Plaza, and Rieber Hall. They also hold workshops and events related to teaching residents technical skills and do one large program per quarter such as Tech Fair.

How much time does the RLCC position require?

RLCCs work part-time, usually around 9-18 hours a week. This includes proctoring in the lab and 3 hours of meetings held weekly. Additionally, RLCCs have a two-week fall training prior to the Fall Quarter and a two day winter training prior to the Winter Quarter.

What are an RLCC’s responsibilities?

In addition to being an employee of the Office of Residential Life (ORL) and upholding our standards, RLCCs are expected to handle user accounts and print credit, troubleshoot equipment in the learning centers, and create workshops to teach residents useful technical skills. RLCCs are also a resource to residents, answering any technical questions and advising residents on resources.

How much do RLCCs get paid?

RLCCs earn $10.69 per hour. The position receives a stipend for 3 hours to cover RLCC meetings and hall meetings. Additional proctored hours are submitted on a timesheet.

What benefits are there to becoming an RLCC?

RLCCs get guaranteed housing, learn about technical topics during weekly meetings, put on large programs like Tech Fair and build relationships within residential life.

Job Description

A. General

  • Uphold and comply with all departmental and university standards, policies and regulations
  • Maintain professional communications and relationships with staff, colleagues, and supervisors
  • Be on time and in attendance for all shifts, training, meetings, workshops, and other RLCC/ORL functions
  • Represent ORL and the RLCC program in a professional and courteous manner

B. Administrative

  • Attend weekly 1.5 hour staff meetings every Tuesday 6-7:30 p.m.
  • Attend weekly 1 hour building meetings Mondays by Resident Director
  • Attend 2 week long fall training prior to the beginning of Fall Quarter
  • Attend two day overnight winter training prior to beginning of Winter Quarter
  • Provide the RTS with all appropriate forms from their duties or from their workshops

C. Technical

  • Create new user accounts
  • Manage user accounts by enabling/disabling, changing passwords, troubleshooting minor problems
  • Ensure that printers are in working order
  • Manage print queues
  • Perform technical troubleshooting and repairs on computers such as hard drive replacement
  • Communicate repair requests to the RTS and Systems Analyst

D. Programming

  • Present technical training workshops per quarter along with fellow team members
  • Present one Large Workshop per quarter along with fellow team members

E. Service Expectations

  • Assist residents with software applications and minor technical problems in the computer lab
  • Advise residents on computer solutions using lab applications
  • Advise residents on academic resources and tools

How to Apply

We will be accepting applications for the academic year. To apply, please complete an application [here]


For additional information about this position or the recruitment process, please email