Video Production Assistants (VPAs) are part-time employees for the UCLA Residential Life Studio 22. These staff members work under the supervision of the Student Supervisors, Principal Producer, and the Learning Center Director.

All Video Production Assistants responsibilities include the following:

  • Attend and Successfully Complete Training related to Position Responsibilities, as well as the Proper Use and Care of Studio 22 Production Equipment
  • Attend Weekly Staff Meeting
  • Submit Bi-Weekly Timesheets in a timely manner
  • Support departmental and university emergency response efforts, via continued operation of Studio22 and other production efforts, on an as needed basis
  • Additional duties as assigned

Minimum Academic Requirements

In order to support the academic success of our student staff, Residential Life conducts Grade Point Average and Enrollment Checks for all student employee positions. We may conduct these checks at the time of application and any time thereafter once the student has accepted a job offer.

  • For this position, a student must have a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA at the time of application, hire, and/or rehire (beginning of Fall Quarter of each academic year).
  • For this position, a student must maintain full-time status (12 units per quarter) during time of employment.

Position Specific Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities listed above there are position specific responsibilities:

Still Photographer

  • Photograph people, places and events for the UCLA Office of Residential Life.
  • Edit and enhance images utilizing Photoshop or like software.
  • Export images and prepare for delivery to collaborators.
  • Maintain an orderly and accessible catalog of photos for departmental use.
  • Facilitate Camera and Image modification training sessions for Residential Life Staff and OCH Students.

Highly competitive candidates will have experience with the Canon 6D, 7D, 40D or similar camera and will have a portfolio of work that showcases their talent and approach to photography.

Social Media Assistant (VPA-S)

  • Skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to perform assigned functions.
  • Experience creating content for social media platforms.
  • Experience managing social media accounts.
  • Experience marketing, promotion and publicity

Video Production Assistant - Video (VPA)

  • Assist in all aspects of video production (i.e. write, direct, camera operation, video editing, etc.) to support the development of programs for: Residential Life, Studio22/resTV and the Video Production Crew (VPC)

Highly competitive candidates will have experience in any or all of the following areas of video production (screenwriting; directing; camera operation; cinematography; audio recording; post-production/editing; audio finalization).

Video Production Assistant - Graphics (VPA-G)

  • Create graphic images and credits for Studio22/resTV productions, publications and postings
  • Develop promotional materials for Studio22/resTV productions (i.e. logos, flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Maintain a catalog of materials and maintain an accessible inventory/library
  • Advise on the creation of in studio sets (look & color), and Studio22/resTV show aesthetics.

Video Production Assistant - Music/audio (VPA-M)

  • Assist with Studio 22 studio recordings, sound design and post audio for Studio22/resTV video productions
  • Create original music (scores, and songs) using PC or Mac software
  • Make recommendations of Royalty Free Music Catalogs for Studio22/resTV productions
  • Catalog music inventory and facilitate access to the Studio22/resTV music library.
  • Recruit and maintain a database of UCLA talent to create original royalty-free music for use in Studio22/resTV projects.
  • Additional duties as assigned

Video Production Assistant - Computer Specialist (VPA-C)

  • Oversee Local and shared Computer Network
  • Coordinate Software Installs
  • Research and recommendation of software
  • Organization, Exporting and archiving of files
  • Troubleshoot computer hardware and software
  • website development & updating
  • Additional duties as assigned


Pay rate: $13.50/hr ($.62/hr shift differential for 4 or more continuous hours worked between 5pm - 8am). Video Production Assistant and Photography positions are Work Study eligible. Each student staff member is expected to work 10-12 hours per week during weeks 0-9 of the fall, winter and spring academic quarters.


For additional information about this position or the application process, please email at