Video Production Student Supervisors (VPSS) are part-time student employees for UCLA Residential Life’s Studio 22 team. These student staff members work under the close supervision of the Principal Producer, Learning Center Manager and Associate Director for Residential Life.

Position Responsibilities include the following

  • Attend and Successfully Complete Student Supervisor Training
  • Assist with the Supervision of the Student Supervisors
  • Assist with the supervision of student team members - in their setup and use of equipment, working with talent, adherence to safety issues while on location for productions
  • Role Model and Mentor on the proper use and care of Production Equipment
  • Attend and participate in the presentation of Weekly Staff Meeting
  • Assist in the scheduling and check out of production equipment
  • Problem Solve
  • Review show concepts, scripts, productions, edits for content in support of the Residential Life Core 5 Principles
  • Assist with the mentoring of undergraduate student staff and Video Production Crew members
  • Track projects with the approval and oversight of the Principal Producer
  • Monitor expendables
  • Contribute in the equipment/supplies acquisition process
  • Assist with the hiring of Team members
  • Support of departmental emergency response efforts, via continued operation of Studio22/resTV(22) and other produced productions, on an as needed basis
  • Communicate regularly with Principal and Managing Producers
  • Meet with the undergraduate student staff members, on an as needed basis
  • Submit paperwork (Bi-Weekly Timesheets and reports) in a timely fashion
  • Additional duties as assigned


Pay rate: $13.50/hr ($.52/hr shift differential for 4 or more continuous hours worked between 5 p.m. - 8 a.m.). Students who qualify for Work Study are strongly encouraged to apply. Each Video Production Student Supervisor is expected to work 12 - 17 hours per week during weeks 0-9 of the fall, winter and spring academic quarters.


For additional information about this position or the application process, please contact the resTV office at 310-794-4235 or