Why Work for Residential Life

Besides contributing to the UCLA community, those who get involved with Residential Life also get a lot out of it! You get a great sense of accomplishment, meet people who will become your best friends and help pay for your educational costs. You will gain valuable leadership work experience and grow personally and professionally!

There are many ways to be involved. We have 350 student team members in many different positions each year! Your unique background is something that we value and appreciate. It is important for you to learn about the many different opportunities Residential Life offers before applying.

How to apply

Applications for student staff positions will be available before the end of the Fall Quarter. Deadlines start in mid-January and vary by position. Please review the job descriptions and hiring timeline before submitting your application.

Helpful Skills

Diversity and Community Standards

What is your understanding of diversity and the True Bruin standards. How are they relevant for you?


Are you able to clearly communicate both verbally and in written form?

Ability to Contribute to a Team

How do you work in a team? What role do you usually take in a team environment? How well do you work with others in achieving a goal?


How will your experiences help you to help others with their academic and personal needs?

Community Development

What is your understanding of community? How would you make a positive contribution to On Campus Housing?

Personal Management

Can you balance your academics with the demands of a Residential Life position?

How to Prepare

Do your homework. Attend information sessions and talk to people who are currently in Residential Life positions. You could even ask to spend a day with them to see what it’s like.

Be active in your community. Attend programs, hang out with other residents and get to know staff members. Being part of the community will help you better understand the needs of the community.

Visit different residence hall communities. Life is different in De Neve than it is in Hitch Suites or Rieber Hall. Check it out!

Give yourself plenty of time to fill out fill out the application. Be honest and be yourself. Have others read your essays. Get the input of your friends and those who are already in Residential Life. Getting help with your application is not cheating. Thoughtful preparation will increase your chances of success!

Familiarize yourself with the selection process. Attend an information session for the positions you are interested in. Don’t be shy! Talk with current Residential Life team members if you have any questions.