Christopher Hanscom

Christopher Hanscom

Faculty-In-Residence - Sproul Cove and Landing

Chris Hanscom is an associate professor of Korean literature and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and teaches courses on modern and classical Korean literature and on topics in Korean film. His current research focuses on two areas, both in the context of the history of colonialism: modernist fiction in 1930s Seoul; and race and racism under Japanese empire in early twentieth century East Asia.

After a B.A. in English from Cornell University and study abroad in Korea, Chris (a native of Maine) moved to the West coast for the first time and completed a Ph.D. in Korean literature and culture at UCLA. After a post-doctoral fellowship and some snowy weather at Harvard University and three years of teaching (and more very snowy weather) at Dartmouth College as an assistant professor, he was happy to recently return to UCLA and the great city of Los Angeles.

When he’s not teaching or working on a piece of writing, Chris is usually spending time with his wife Carol, a professional chef by training, and their three daughters. He is always looking for recommendations on good books and good food.


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