Mike Hill

Mike Hill

Faculty-In-Residence - De Neve CD


Mike is a Professor in the mathematics department here at UCLA. A pure mathematician, Mike’s research area is “algebraic topology”, a branch of mathematics that uses tools and techniques in algebra to solve geometric problems. Here at UCLA, he teaches in this area, and he also teaches Fiat Luxes in “Art and Math” and “Women in Mathematics”.

Prior to coming to UCLA, Mike taught for 9 years at UVA in Charlottesville, VA, where he was first a Post-doc before becoming faculty. While there, he worked with several colleagues at other universities to start “Spectra: the association for LGBT+ mathematicans”, a national organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ workers in the mathematical sciences.

While not in the classroom or up on The Hill, Mike and his husband Tim love exploring the huge metropolis that is LA. From biking to the beach to wandering the streets of downtown, Mike and Tim love seeing all of the cool things the city has to offer.


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