Sri Kosuri

Sri Kosuri

Faculty-In-Residence - Delta Terrace

Sri lived in North Carolina, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey before going to college at UC Berkeley. He received his B.S. in Bioengineering in 2001. Then he went to MIT to get his ScD in Biological Engineering in 2007. He spent time in biotech startups before coming back to academia to do postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute. In 2014, he came to UCLA as an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

His lab’s research focuses on developing new technologies in reading, writing and editing DNA in order to better understand and engineer biology. In other words, the lab tries to build biological systems in order to understand them. The students (undergrads and grads) and scientists in the lab are currently trying to tackle a range of problems in biochemistry, genetics, neuroscience, and evolution.

Sri teaches several undergraduate and graduate classes throughout the year in biochemistry. He also advises the UCLA iGEM team, which is an undergraduate-only research team that devises and executes on their own research projects in synthetic biology. They compete yearly at an international competition held in Boston in the fall.

Sri, his wife Karin, and two children Dev and Anika (five and two, respectively) moved to Delta Terrace in September 2016. Karin is from Chicago, went to undergrad at the University of Washington, was a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, and is now a practicing attorney. They are all very excited to be living on the hill and being a part of the community in the coming years.


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