Funding Board Request

To be considered for Funding please use the following form and completely answer each question. It is encouraged that you write out your responses on a google doc/document or copy the content to keep for your own reference. All funding requests will be reviewed by the Funding Board, which consists of UCLA Residential Life professional and student staff members, and Resident Government Council Treasurers, or their proxies.

Before filling out this Funding Request application, please visit FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

All itemized lists should be written in the format described in each section and be sure to describe all costs of the event: venue, equipment, food, supplies, etc.

The Funding Board is a supplemental funding source and should not be your primary/sole funding source.

For specific questions or concerns about your Funding Request email:

Deadline for submitting a Funding Application?

Your Funding Request must be submitted by Friday at noon in order to be considered at the next Funding Board meeting, and also must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event date, otherwise it may not be reviewed. Be advised that Funding Board only meets on EVEN WEEKS (2,4,6,8) and therefore should be taken into consideration to avoid a late/missed application. Extenuating circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis, and approval is at the discretion of the Funding Board.