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The Humanities Residential College (HRC) in Hedrick Hall 6 South is a partnership between UCLA Residential Life and the UCLA Division of Humanities. The HRC provides students with opportunities to combine their academic interests in the humanities with their residential life on campus.

In the Humanities Residential College, students with interests in the broad notion of humanistic study live together and enroll in quarter-long Fiat Lux seminars and year-long Cluster Courses, designed around the common interests of faculty and students. HRC students are also eligible to participate in programs sponsored by the UCLA Division of Humanities, such as talks by professors, cultural events, or trips to museums, restaurants, and concerts with other students.

All students, regardless of major, are invited to participate in the Humanities Residential College. All you need is your passion to make living in the HRC a successful and enjoyable experience!

Benefits Include: Living in a community with a diverse group of students who share interests in languages, cultures, and the arts, building meaningful relationships with faculty members, attending Humanities courses in the community, getting involved in specially-designed programs in the community, such as art exhibits, film screenings, guest speakers, and a broad range of cultural experiences

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Fiat Lux

As a cornerstone of our innovative undergraduate curriculum, UCLA offers up to 200 seminars annually through the Fiat Lux Freshman Seminar Program.

Cluster Classes

Clusters are year-long, collaboratively taught, interdisciplinary courses that are focused on a topic of timely importance such as the “global environment,” or “interracial dynamics.” Learn more