Parents and Families

We are honored to share this transitional experience with you and your student. Recognizing the important role family plays in higher education, we have prepared thorough information to help you stay informed and involved.

You can think of the staff at UCLA like you would the students; they are all excellent, highly talented, and very motivated! Your student will be cared for and will have a phenomenal time living in residence and participating in our programs. If you or your student need staff assistance, please contact Frank Montana, Parent and Family Outreach Coordinator, in the ORL office at 310-825-4024.

Moving In and Adjusting

  • Move-In Day
  • Adjusting to Residential Living
  • Developing Healthy Relationships with Roommates
  • What is it like to live on campus?
  • and more…

Healthy Living

  • Student Involvement
  • Making and Maintaining Friendships in College
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Alcohol Use in College
  • and more…

Safety and Security

  • Community Participation
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Personal Property Safety
  • Living in Los Angeles
  • and more…

Academic Resources

“Students often find that the academic demands placed on UCLA students are much more rigorous than their previous institution…”

Helpful Tips

  • Encourage self-reliance
  • Create problem solvers
  • Review basic management skills
  • Have tough conversations
  • Know your resources
  • and more…

Related Resources

  • Moving into On-Campus Housing
  • On-Campus Housing Rates
  • UCLA Dining Services
  • BruinLink - for UCLA parents and families
  • Visiting Campus
  • and more…