Welcome to resTV(22) - Residential Telelvision. We are the video production team within the UCLA Residential Life’s Integrated Media team (iMedia). We air programming 24/7 in your residence facility (on UCLA Cable Channel 22) and our content is also available online at the resTV YouTube Channel (

What is resTV?

resTV is the abbreviated name for the UCLA Office of Residential Life iMedia resTV(22) - Residential Television operation. We are a multi-faceted, award winning, on-campus residential television production and distribution entity - which is conveniently located in UCLA’s De Neve Plaza residential community. resTV was developed by the UCLA Office of Residential Life (ORL) in the early 1990s, and is one of a limited number of “housing based” national college television operations.

resTV (UCLA’s Channel 22) went “on-air” in the fall of 1998 with a combination of original programs and electronic message board announcements; resTV’s online efforts began in Fall 2007 and have expanded our viewership beyond the UCLA community environment. During the academic year (weeks 0-9), resTV develops and distributes new/original programming; our primary audience is the UCLA residential student population, but we know that our programming reaches audiences on campus and beyond.

resTV is a collaborative operation, through which our student staff members and volunteers interface with: ORL Professional Staff Team Members; UCLA Faculty (including On Campus Housing Faculty-in-Residence Mentors & Advisors); ORL and Housing team; and UCLA residential students.

The resTV operation offers a wide range of services and involvement opportunities:

  • TV Production Studio located in #343C - De Neve Plaza Commons building
  • resTV(22) television channel (Channel #22 on the UCLA Cable Service) - which operates 24/7 all year long
  • Team of 20 part-time students, including: Video Production Student Supervisors, Video Production Assistants; Graphic Specialist; Computer Specialist; Still Photographer; Work Study Office Assistants
  • Volunteer opportunities: VPC (Video Production Committee) or showcasing your talents (acting, broadcast journalism, music, etc.) in our resTV productions

For information related to any of the above listed items, please contact us directly (see contact information below) or get involved.

resTV’s Charge

The charge of the resTV is to support the mission of ORL, “The mission of Residential Life is to Create Safe, Supportive and Inclusive Living-Learning Communities that Engage Residents in order to Foster their Academic Success, Personal Growth and Responsible Citizenship.”

The resTV Team will fulfill their charge through the development of dynamic and innovative original programs/services - designed to interest/engage/involve the UCLA On Campus Housing Residential Community.

resTV’s Location

The resTV offices and studio are conveniently located in the De Neve Plaza Podium building, Office #343 and Suite #344A/B/C (one floor above the De Neve Plaza Main Entrance and Front Desk, behind the De Neve Plaza Learning Auditorium and next to the Jacaranda and Magnolia Rooms).

resTV Contact Information

resTV(22) - Residential Television
De Neve Plaza Podium Building
351 Charles E. Young Drive West, #343/#344
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 206-9876 (Office)
(310) 825-0994 (Fax)

Vince Mitchell, res TV Principle Producer
Steve Greim, iMedia Managing Producer