Studio 22/resTV(22)

Welcome to the Studio 22/resTV(22) Learning Center and Production Studio. Please view samples of our work online at YouTube Channel (

What is Studio 22/resTV?

Studio 22/resTV is a multi-faceted, award winning, on-campus residential television production and learning center which was developed by UCLA Residential Life in the early 1990s and is conveniently located in DeNeve Plaza .

The studio space is a collaborative environment, through which students, student staff members, professional staff members and collaborators develop/produce/distribute original content.

We offer a wide range of services and involvement opportunities:

  • TV Production Studio & Post-Production Offices: located in DeNeve Plaza Commons building - #343C
  • In-Studio Student Employment Opportunities.
  • Production Equipment and Post-Production Resources
  • Involvement Opportunities: VPC (Video Production Crew); Workshops; First Take Film Competition

For information related to any of the above listed items, please contact us directly (see contact information below) or get involved.

Studio 22/resTV Charge

Studio 22/resTV works to support the mission of UCLA Residential Life: “UCLA Residential Life creates safe, supportive, and inclusive living-learning communities that engage residents in the fostering of their academic success, personal growth, leadership development, and social responsibility.”

The team will fulfill their charge through the development of a dynamic and innovative production facility (production studio, equipment inventory & post-production resources), training opportunities and networks for involvement.

Studio 22/resTV Location

Our offices and studio are conveniently located in the De Neve Plaza Podium building, Office #343 and Suite #344A/B/C (one floor above the DeNeve Plaza Main Entrance/Front Desk, behind the DeNeve Plaza Learning Auditorium and next to the Jacaranda and Magnolia Rooms).

Studio 22/resTV Contact Information

Studio 22/resTV(22)
De Neve Plaza Podium Building
351 Charles E. Young Drive West, #343/#344
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 206-9876 (Office)
(310) 825-0994 (Fax)

Vince Mitchell, Studio Principal Producer
Steve Greim, iMedia Managing Producer