Room and Building Security

Access Control

Access Control’s main objective is to provide control of entry and traffic flow within specified residential buildings. This is accomplished through an electronic access control system that is operational 24 hours a day. Card readers have been installed in lobby entrances, stairwells that lead to living or restricted areas, and elevators. All building exterior doors are locked and alarmed. In addition, the high-rise lobbies are monitored daily during evening and early morning hours by Access Control personnel.

Your encoded UCLA student ID card enables you to enter secured areas by simply swiping the card through a card reader on the door frame or elevator panel. The lock will automatically release and allow entry into your building, lobby stairwell or elevator. We urge you to help maintain the integrity of the system by not using your card to allow any other individuals except your escorted guests to enter your building’s common areas or your living area.Avoid allowing others to “tailgate” you into the building to prevent individuals from bypassing the card readers. You are also urged, for your own protection and the protection of your belongings, to immediately report to the Front Desk or your Resident Assistant any individuals who do not appear to have legitimate business in the hall or suites complex.

It is important to recognize that no system is absolutely foolproof. Always close the door to your room when you leave; a thief needs less than a minute to relieve you of your valuables. Do NOT tamper with the automatic locking mechanism on your door; instead make it a habit to carry your key and student ID card with you, even if you are just going down the hall for a minute.

Security Cameras

The use of video surveillance at UCLA On-campus housing is exclusively intended to enhance the safety of students, staff, and guests, protect University property against vandalism or theft, and aid in investigating violations of the law.

The video management system is deployed in a manner that covers building entry points, front desk lobby areas, courtyard areas and other common spaces. All cameras are visible and only installed in public areas. Cameras are not actively monitored but used as forensic data to assist in the investigation of any act that either violates University policy or criminal law.

UCLA On-campus Housing does utilize intelligent video in strategic locations to notify duty staff of activities that may pose a safety risk to self or others. In these situations, video can be viewed in real-time to determine if duty staff is needed to respond to the location in question.

Building Access Procedures

During the evening and early morning hours Access Control stations are placed in the lobby entrances of each hall for added safety.

Residents of the Hall

You must present your student ID to the Access Monitor to obtain entry into the building. If you do not have your student ID card, you must fill out an Access Verification Form at the station. The Access Monitor will then verify your residency with the Front Desk. You must remain at the Access Station until your residency has been verified by the Front Desk. You may enter the building only after you have been verified.

Residents from Other Halls

You must present your student ID to the Access Monitor to obtain entry to the Lobby of the building. The Access Monitor will verify that you live in one of the other halls by using a card reader. If you do not have your student ID, non-resident guest procedures will apply. Your ID card will not allow access to the residential area of buildings in which you are not a resident. Although you may access the lobby areas of all high rise residence halls, you must be escorted by a resident when visiting the residential areas of buildings in which you are not a resident.

Non-Resident Guests

All non-resident guests must be met, escorted and signed into the building by a resident of the building. The resident assumes responsibility for the actions of their guests by signing them in.

Your guests will be required to provide a valid photo ID (driver’s license, military ID, student ID, etc.) for a Guest Pass and to sign the guest log. They are required to carry the pass with them at all times and to abide by all conduct rules and regulations. Host may be held liable for all actions of the guest. Entry will be denied to persons who do not have a valid photo ID.

Guest passes are only valid in the hall where issued and must be renewed every 48 hours. Guests may use their pass to reenter a hall only if the resident host is with them.

Visitors who arrive at the door without a host may use the campus phone outside the entrance to call the resident they are visiting. If visitors do not know the resident’s phone number, they may inquire to the Front Desk by using the beige courtesy phone located outside the main lobby entrances.

Family Visitations

Non-Resident guest policies apply to all family members over the age of sixteen. Only parents or legal guardians, with appropriate ID, will be allowed to sign in their children under the age of sixteen.

Remember that the key to the success of our crime prevention efforts is YOU. Questions regarding crime prevention may be answered by calling (310) 825-7661.