Safety Tips

Common practices that leave students at risk

Leaving an unoccupied room unlocked

Many of the thefts that occur involve the criminal entering unlocked rooms and stealing laptops, monitors, and other electronic or personal items.

Holding the door to a high rise or building open for a stranger

When police respond to disturbing the peace, physical assault, or sexual assault calls, often times the perpetrator is someone who does not even live in the residence halls.

Leaving the room keys in the door knob or lock

A potential criminal can remove those keys and return at a time when nobody is home (let’s hope nobody is home when the criminal comes back).

Sleeping with the door open or unlocked

May lead to an unwanted visitor entering your room.

Leaving property unattended in public spaces

Book bags or other personal items should not be left unattended in public places. This includes dining halls, study lounges, and outdoors.