Social Justice Advocates Workshop Request Form

Thank you for your interest in having the Social Justice Advocates teaching collective come to you for a workshop and opportunity for dialogue around issues of diversity and social justice. Please give us a notice of at least 10 business days to ensure that we have the right amount of Social Justice Advocates available. Below you will find workshops they offer that you can choose from as well as an opportunity for your to request workshop around issues of diversity and social justice that your group/organization needs. We will get back to you once we receive your request. Please e-mail for any questions or inquiries.


Here are the workshops that are ready to be presented:

This session will introduce several common misconceptions regarding social justice and discuss the truths behind them. Topics covered will be reverse racism, allyship, intersectionality, and LGBTQ rights. With this group discussion-based workshop we hope to aid in expanding the views of students and promote empathy for marginalized communities through conversation. By doing so, UCLA student leaders can form better understandings and connections with marginalized residents.

It’s common to hear the term “ally” used throughout social justice movements. But what does it really mean to be an “ally? Through discussions and presentations, we will help you learn what an ally is and their role in social justice. With our Term Talks, we will open up a discussion about what “allyship” means within social justice, what makes a successful ally vs. an unsuccessful one, and actions we can take to all be effective allies in our respective communities.

Often, there are inexplicable, or what we thought to be inexplicable, feelings that prove to be a large part of underrepresented students’ lives. When faced with tough times that oppose our strongest beliefs, we seem to forget that we are not alone in our struggles. “All Aboard the Struggle Bus” is a workshop that is aimed towards putting a name to the struggles that underrepresented people face in unfathomable numbers on a daily basis. One of the many roles of a student is to ensure the safety and well-being of their UCLA student community, but emotional well-being is often misunderstood, overlooked or not addressed until it is too late. Come join this interactive workshop while we explore these different experiences and challenges, all aboard the struggle bus!

In our society, where ideals of beauty are based on Eurocentric standards, how do people of color navigate desire and love? Our identities themselves and our most personal decisions hold political connotations whether we like it or not. For our workshop, we will be exploring and discussing the complex process of choosing who to love, who to be loved by, and how we are loved.

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