WEPA Rates & Locations


Bradley International Hall - Dashew Center
Covel Commons - Lobby
De Neve - Front Desk Lobby
De Neve - Learning Center (Third Floor)
Hedrick Hall - The Study
Hitch Suites - Study Space
Rieber Hall - Lobby
Sproul Hall - Lobby
Sproul Landing Living Room
Sunset - Learning Center (By the Mailroom)

image showing ucla print locations
pictures shows wepa rates. For black and white single sided pages it is 10 cents. For double sided B&W  it is 19 cents. For color it is 29 cents per single sided page and 44 cents per double sided page


For Black & White

- $0.10 per single-sided page

- $0.19 per double-sided page

For Color

- $0.29 per single-sided page

-$0.44 per double-sided page