Employment Opportunities

We love it here! There’s no other university with such a beautiful residential campus, dynamic student population, and fabulous staff. We are committed to providing the the best experience possible for each and every one of the over 20,000 students living at UCLA. If you are a student looking for ways to get involved beyond joining the staff team, visit Get Involved.

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Food service worker

Student Staff Positions

Apartment Resident Assistant (UA South)

Connect with residents to promote safety and well-being, strengthen community, and share resources. ARAs serve on after-hours duty rotation.

Resident Assistant (UA North Graduate Apartments)

Student staff members living in University Apartments (UA) North Graduate Communities (Weyburn-Hilgard) who work to build community, and promote safety and well-being through hosting events, providing student support, sharing resources, enforcing housing policy, and serving on after-hours duty rotation.

Resident Assistant (Hill and UA North Undergraduate Apartments)

Student staff members living on the Hill or University Apartments North Undergraduate Communities including Living-Learning Communities who work to build community, and promote safety and well-being through hosting events, providing student support, sharing resources, enforcing housing policy, and serving on after-hours duty rotation.

Community Development Intern

Promote, develop, and encourage involvement in a Living Learning Community by hosting events and sharing resources with students in your community.

Common Experience Internship

Passionate about sustainability initiatives? Apply to be a part of the Common Experience Team as we work with Residential Life and campus partners to build community and empower social change.

Programming Board Intern

Collaborate with fellow Bruins to plan large-scale events on the Hill.

Volunteer Center Program Coordinator

Help promote volunteerism by assisting in the planning and execution of the UCLA Volunteer Center’s signature programs. You’ll gain exposure to event planning, volunteer recruitment and retention, leadership development and more.

RISE Student Ambassador

Support student well-being and promote good mental health! Be a part of the Resilience in your Student Experience (RISE) Center by supporting event promotion, outreach, and administrative efforts.

Food Service Worker

Students serve customers, help the cooks with basic food preparation, and do light cleaning in UCLA’s award-winning restaurants.

Office Assistant - Hill, University Apartments North, University Apartments South

You are the face and voice of UCLA Residential Life! We have many offices located across our different residential areas. Welcome students, staff, faculty, and visitors in person, over the phone, and virtually to our offices! Work with many professional staff in polishing your customer service skills, administrative skills, creative skills, and networking skills.

Study Hall Proctor

Supervise and maintain safety in late-night study locations on the Hill, collect check-in data, and submit hourly observations.

Event Technician

Provide audio/visual, event management, and administrative support for a wide range of events that take place within the residential community. These programs include academic courses, theatrical productions, concerts, large-scale socials, trainings, and more.

Program & Event Management Student Supervisor

Provide technical and logistical support for a wide range of events, meetings, and academic courses that take place within the residential community. Manage a special project that could focus on data collection, administrative support, fleet maintenance and trainings, equipment management, or event production guidance.

Media Specialist

Join our team of creative, talented, and energetic artists to craft amazing content! The Media Team produces engaging and dynamic graphic design, photography, video, and social media content.

Computer Support Technician

Provide hardware, software, and general IT support to the Residential Life offices.

Learning Centers Consultant

Provide customer service and support in the computer labs / learning centers.

Learning Centers Supervisor

Manage the Learning Centers and guide the work of the Learning Centers Consultants. Assist residents with technical education and produce large scale programs and workshops.

Maker Space Technician

Fabrication, prototyping, maintenance, and support in the maker space.

Training Assistant

Training Assistants will influence the direction of student staff training and contribute to planning, organization, and implementation of those training programs.

Research Assistant

Supporting administrative coordination and research analyses for Residential Life and its affiliated units and departments

On-Campus Housing Council (OCHC)

Sit on a board of execute student leaders and represent the interests of all residents in the Hill-wide student government.

Resident Government Council

Represent your individual residential community and be an advocate for your floor/housemates!