Assistant Resident Director

The Assistant Resident Director is responsible for the general administration of programming and/or student government advising in a co-educational residential community, housing between 500-1000+ students. Residential Life offers part-time Assistant Resident Director positions for graduate students in the Masters of Student Affairs (MSA) program and full-time positions for recent graduates, who are not enrolled in courses. The ARD position is a year to year contract, maximum of 2 years in the position.

2022-2023 Recruitment Process

Our 2022-2023 ARD recruitment and selection process has begun! Please review the rest of this page for more information!

In support of the development of potential candidates’ resumes and cover letters, we are offering the following resources to help students in the creation of their materials.

The UCLA Career Center offers many tools, including:
- Comprehensive Career Guide - refer to pages 31 - 47 for resume and cover letter guides!
- VMock - 24/7 resume review platform.

Professional Development

Full time ARDs and MSA ARDs have multiple opportunities for professional development including committees, special projects and conference opportunities. Full time ARDs can have collateral positions focusing on areas such as Leadership and Involvement, Sustainability, Greek Life, Academics, Health & Wellness, Community Service and student group advising. All ARDs will work with their supervisors on an Individual Training & Development Action Plan and can access funds to attend conferences and other professional development opportunities.

Main Responsibilities

Advising/Assistance with Supervision

Assist with the selection, training, evaluating and directing the work and activities of Resident Assistants (RAs) and Resident Government Council (RGC), coordinate with Resident Director regarding staff meetings and consult staff on activities as well as on individual problems. Advise RGCs and RAs in matters pertaining to social, cultural, recreational and academic assistance program development and implementation. Oversee and monitor individual, group and staff-initiated activities and events. Meet regularly with RAs and student government officers (RGCs). Participate in the selection process for the hiring of all student staff and student government positions.

Assist in advising RAs, student leaders and groups of students in matters pertaining to personal growth, leadership development, community development and academic assistance programs and activities. Provide information and general guidance in areas of group dynamics and teamwork. Programming Administration: Interpret University, Campus and Residence Hall policies, procedures and guidelines related to student activities and events. Provide program and activity concept approval. Refer or provide referral information and facilitate contact for students to other University and non-University associated agencies.


Maintain office hours Monday through Friday for both administrative and supervisory responsibilities. May be required to attend and participate in staff, area and student association meetings and other meetings as designated by the Resident Director. Establish and maintain records and files concerning hall/facilities programs and activities and oversee all programming implementation, coordination and follow up.

On a weekly basis, communicate and provide written and verbal reports about programs to supervisors, Area Directors, Assistant Directors, the Director of Academic Programs, Faculty-in-Residence, Housing Management Staff, and Program and Event Management Staff. Organize, advise and participate on assigned committees and task groups. Assignments will be made in consultation with the supervisor. Authorize and schedule the use of programming facilities and equipment within your community. Prepare and distribute a weekly and/or monthly calendar of programs, activities and events to all appropriate staff for general use and information. Advise and refer to RDs matters concerning personal problems of individual students and staff. Maintain communication with RDs regarding crisis situations. Attend regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with supervisor. Attend regularly scheduled advisory meetings with facility programmers. Work on special projects and programs in conjunction with the RD or other professional staff. Coordinate and implement other duties as assigned.


Interpret and convey University, Campus and Residential Life policies, procedures and guidelines related to activities and events. Review individual and group initiated activities, events and coordinate scheduling pertaining to RAs and student governance. Collect and distribute information regarding campus and community services and programs. Assist with the coordination of True Bruin Welcome Week activities and meetings and other orientation activities for residents to acquaint themselves with one another and principal members of the hall staff. Interpret, convey, and enforce Federal and State laws and University and On-Campus Housing rules and regulations pertaining to individual & group behavior and group activities in all areas of facility administration. Develop, coordinate and implement academic and educational programs by utilizing campus resources, the Faculty-in-Residence Program and Residential Life’s Academic Unit. Serve as a resource for RAs on Living Learning Community related issues and programs. Participate and coordinate large scale events.

Conduct (Required for full-time | Professional Development for Grad Students)

Communicate, interpret, execute and enforce Residential Life and University conduct regulations, as well as State and Federal laws within the confines of the residence halls and residential suites. Receive and investigate complaints of alleged resident misconduct. Resolve charges of misconduct by interviewing alleged violators or conducting judicial proceedings, and imposing sanctions or recommending sanctions as deemed necessary.


Participate and assist in the coordination of student staff, and student leader training and development throughout the year. Participate and assist in the planning of in in-service training throughout the year. Participate in spring training for in-coming staff and Team Training and Development (TTD) activities.


Skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to perform assigned functions. Evaluation Standards include: Communication Skills, Diversity and Community Standards, Community Development, Programming, Ability to Contribute to a Team, Personal Management, Advising, Counseling, Helping Skills, and Supervision.

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology, Social Welfare, Education, or related field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience preferred. Prior experience in group living, student activities, and interaction with diverse student populations preferred.

Start date

The position will start late July and end the second week of June.

ARD Positions

Full Time ARD Part Time ARD (MSA)
Student status Not Allowed Allowed (grad students in the MSA program)
Meal plan Provided Provided
Compensation See below for details See below for details
On-Campus room Provided (single room or shared apartment with single room) Provided (single room or shared apartment with single room)
Parking allotment (employee must pay monthly parking fee) Yes Yes
Department issued cell phone Yes Yes
Co-supervise Yes Yes
Co-advise Yes Yes
Conduct Yes Optional - Professional Development outside your 19hrs/week
Work hours 40 hours/week 19 hours/week


Part-time ARD (MSA only)

Compensation for the MSA part-time (<20 hours/week) live-on ARD position is a single room with a meal plan provided and departmental issued cell phone. This is a required live-on position. If you have any compensation questions, please contact Res Life Human Resources at 310-825-3401.

Full-time ARD

Compensation for the non-exempt full-time (40 hours/week) live-on ARD position is a single room with a meal plan provided, departmental issued cell phone and approximately $18.36/hour. This is a required live-on position. Information about university benefits such as health insurance will be discussed during the interview process. If you have any compensation questions, please contact Res Life Human Resources at 310-825-3401.

How to Apply

MSA students will receive information to apply once admitted to the MSA Program at UCLA. If there are any additional questions, please contact us via e-mail below.

For the full-time ARD position applicants, please apply through the UCLA MyCareer Website: Full-time Assistant Resident Director Application.

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For additional information about this position or the recruitment process, please email

Employment contingent upon satisfactory completion of background check. Responsibilities are subject to change.