Rules for UCLA Housing Residents

It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of and abide by On Campus Housing Regulations and University Apartments Housing Regulations.

In support of the Housing and Residential Life missions, standards of behavior have been established to promote cooperation, respect and orderliness within the UCLA Housing communities. These regulations and policies have been developed in support of UCLA’s mission and values; to create and maintain safe, supportive, and inclusive living-learning communities; and to preserve and protect the rights of the community group without unduly compromising the rights of individual members.

These regulations and polices apply to all UCLA Housing residents, guests and community members while in the UCLA Housing facilities or in surrounding University-owned, leased or controlled property (e.g., grounds, recreation facilities, and parking areas) or while participating in UCLA Housing/Residential Life sponsored activities. In addition, all other UCLA regulations and applicable state and federal laws apply.

When you apply to live in UCLA Housing, you are voluntarily choosing to be a member of this community and are bound by the rights and responsibilities of this membership. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of and abide by the Regulations & Policies.

In addition, UCLA students assume privileges and responsibilities upon admission to UCLA and cannot use ignorance of these policies as a justification for violating any community standards. All students are expected to make themselves aware of and comply with the UCLA Student Conduct Code, the law, and all University polices and regulations.

If you have questions regarding the standards of behavior for the UCLA Housing community please contact or a Residential Life or Housing staff member.

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