Arts Engagement

We believe that the arts are transformative, that cultural and identity expression are critical to student development, and that creativity is essential to a vibrant living and learning community.

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Arts Engagement Network

The network is a communication hub that connects UCLA students with opportunities to engage in artistic, creative, and expressive pursuits.

Art Supply Checkout

We have a variety of art and craft supplies that you can borrow to host hands-on activities with a group of students. Resources are available to UCLA students, faculty, and staff, and come with facilitation resources to deepen your group’s creative expression. Submit your request at

Art Activity Guides

If you’re looking for inspiration or instruction, check out our collection of art activity guides, including PDFs and videos with suggestions and tutorials for individual and group creative projects.

Student Performances

Monthly Open Mic

Our monthly open mics are the first Monday of every month at 5pm on the Sunset Village Stage, on the hill.

Northwest Campus Auditorium Theatre Season

Our season of student-produced theatre in Northwest Campus Auditorium will resume in 2022, with applications opening up in early fall quarter. Stay tuned for a link to the application and all the information you need to propose a show for one of 4 production slots (2 each in winter and spring quarter). Email if you have any questions about the season or process.

More Arts Resources on the Hill

Movement Studio & Music Practice Rooms

Music and Movement practice rooms in on-campus housing are currently available to hill residents only. Music rooms are single-occupancy only, but residents may bring other current students as guests to practice together in the Movement Studio, provided everyone adheres to UCLA’s Covid protocols including indoor masking.
1. Reserve online at
2. Check in at the front desk to confirm your residency in On Campus Housing and access the practice room.

Learning Centers

Learning Centers are unique facilities on the Hill where all students are welcome to explore and learn. Make yourself at home at our MakerSpace, Music Studio, or Video Game Lab. Visit to learn more

“Creative Collective” Living Learning Community

A living learning community is an environment where students with similar interests live together and participate in specially designed programs that cater to their academic, social, and personal needs. The Creative Collective community are the storytellers, the music-makers, poets, artists, designers, movers, and dreamers. “Through creativity we interpret and express the world around us and within ourselves, making connections that bring our campus community together.”