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About DeNeve

The DeNeve Learning Center is located on the 3rd floor of the DeNeve Commons building (next to the Dykstra Hall Bridge) and is comprised of three spaces: a Lobby area, Music Production Studio, and a computer lab.

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DeNeve Labs

De Neve labs is located on the 3rd floor of the DeNeve Commons building (next to the Dykstra Hall Bridge). De Neve labs contains a lobby space, multi person music studio with reservable stations, and a study room.

DeNeve Lab Resources include:

- Access to study spaces

- Access to Professional Music Stations

-Access to printers

image showcases learning centers labs with students using the music stations
image displays learning centers studio with pink neon lights and students using the space

DeNeve Studios

DeNeve Studios is located on the third floor of Dystra next to the Jacaranda study room. The studio is reservable for solo sessions. The studio comes equipped with instruments, recording booth, and other high end equipment.

DeNeve Studio Resources include:

- Access to reservable Professional Music Studio

- Access to Professional Instruments

- Access to Green screen and Studio lighting

- Access to Professional Cameras

- Access to Podcasting Table

How Do I Rent Equipment ?

Training Sessions

Sign up for our Creative Elements equipment training, teaching you how to use our podcast, photography/videography, DJ controller, and music kits

Once you complete this training, you are able to rent the De Neve Learning Centers rental kits for FREE, for two days per week!

  • Trainings take place at the De Neve Learning Centers #P333.
  • Date & Time: Every Tuesday 5PM - 6PM beginning October 10th.***Replacement Fees Policy***
  • Item Damage Fee - If a device is returned damaged, the patron is subject to fines for fixing the damaged item or the cost to replace the item.
  • Item Replacement Fee - After 24 hours from the due date - the item will be considered 'Lost' and an Item Replacement Fee will be charged (the cost to replace the item).

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Questions and Outreach

Contact us at for any general questions, requests, recommendations, and future collaborations! We look forward to hearing from you!