Team Green

“Team Green’s mission is to keep the hill green by encouraging residents to make sustainable lifestyle choices for environmental preservation through education, advocacy, and community involvement.”

Team Green is a student resident education and leadership program focused on sustainability. One representative from each residence hall acts as Team Green. The Coordinators participate in co-curricular education programs that are offered bi-weekly. Based on these education programs, Coordinators educate and provide support to the Team Green Members at monthly meetings.

Team Green Members attend meetings and monitor sustainability operations on their floors. Both Coordinators and Team Green Members coordinate and participate in quarterly hall and hill-wide sustainability programs such as the all-hall energy competition Do It in the Dark.

Click here for more information on student leadership and involvement in sustainability on the Hill.

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Meet Your Team Green Coordinators

Dykstra Hall

Juan Jauregui
Environmental Science Major
I am from Bakersfield, California and a second year at UCLA. I love to listen to music, especially acoustic covers of songs. I also like to play the piano and guitar. I’m not very good at either, but I try! Reading books that have to do with magic, weird creatures, and those type of things is also something I really enjoy. The country I most want to visit is Spain. I want to learn the language, the culture, everything! I plan to study abroad there next school year, and hopefully I follow through with my plans. I hope to make a lasting impact with residents in the community. Educating people to a new mindset is not easy, but it is very important to do so when it comes to sustainability. I joined Team Green so that I am a member in my generation that is creating change through actions, not just words. Through programming and other events, I hope that I can contribute to UCLA’s goals of water and energy conservation.

De Neve ACBD

Valerie Rubi
Political Science Major
I am a 3rd year UCLA student. I enjoy all sports and especially enjoy running. I also enjoy traveling. I am absolutely excited to implement the plans that I and the other Team Green coordinators came up with into action. I look forward to fostering personal growth and developing leaders in a safe, inclusive, eco-friendly environment by advocating, educating, and creating programs that revolve around the ultimate goal of preserving the environment.

De Neve EF

Jamie Changyeun Hahn
Political Science Major
I love music! I play piano, I enjoy meeting people, getting to know people, and when I heard of and joined Team Green I fell in love with the subject! I look forward to Programming + Educating with Team Green!

De Neve GH

Janice Lu
Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology Major
I am a second year and I enjoy doing outdoor activities as well as going on new adventures. My favorite food is sushi and if I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it’d be sushi. With Team Green, I want to find more ways to promote a more sustainable life on the hill for not only myself, but everyone as well.

Sproul Cove and Landing

Andre Anvari
Biology Major
I love basketball. I’m a pretty laid back guy and am down to hangout whenever! I’m looking forward to helping make a change in resident understanding of what sustainability means and why its important!

Sproul Hall

Jamie Lam
Physiological Science
I’m a second year, I love eating and sleeping and traveling if I ever have the time and energy. I can be spontaneous and outgoing and I love people who make me laugh. I aspire to be a doctor so I can help others but for now I need to help the environment. I’m lookin forward to expanding my knowledge about sustainability and to encouraging people to change their lifestyles and be more considerate. I want to prove to myself and to others that the world doesn’t revolve around us and we need to protect the world we live in because our everyday actions could be dire.

Delta Terrace

Hannah Nava-Holstein
Psychology Major
I am the middle child in a family of five so I have a lot of love to give all the time! I also really love outdoor activities. This summer, I was actually able to go ziplining and surfing which were two things on my “Summer Bucket List.” I enjoy listening to country music and I want to be a teacher. Through Team Green, I am looking forward to gaining a wide range of information on sustainability and how we can incorporate small changes into our lives to make a positive impact on our environment. I also am looking forward on planning programs that will reduce our water usage. Water conservation is very important to me.


Briceida Pacheco
Neuroscience Major
I love to eat and read and helping others. I get a thrill from helping younger students with something I have personally experienced. I don’t really like doing physical activities but will do them when they are required. On my spare time I like to write. With Team Green, I hope to make a difference in at least one resident’s life.

Canyon Point

Cody Chan
Pre-Business Economics Major
I am a second year student living in Canyon Point. I love to play the guitar, play ice hockey, and of course, care for the environment! I hope to learn about life and grow as a person during my time here at UCLA. This year, I look forward to planning some awesome programs on the Hill and improving our knowledge of how to be green and sustainable.

Rieber Hall

Ethan Wilson
Applied Mathematics Major
I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Riverside, CA when I was about 8. Ever since then I’ve epitomized the standard California kid. I love playing sports (any sport), eating good food, and enjoy long walks on the beach. My major is applied mathematics, but I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life, so it is subject to change. One thing I am looking forward to in Team Green is learning about the environment, both from my peers and the advisers. I hope to use the lessons I learn from this group, both inside and outside of meetings, to educate other residents about the environment. It would mean a great deal to me for this to evoke a large response, and to see everyone act more sustainably. Overall, I look forward to making an impact and being impacted!

Rieber Terrace

Carlos Ipuz-Rengifo
Global Studies Major
Hey everyone! My name is Carlos and I am the Team Green Coordinator in Rieber Terrace. I hail from the sunny and lovely city of San Diego. My parents came over from Colombia before I was born and we have tried to visit every 4 years (my most recent was this past summer!) As mentioned, I love to go exploring, whether that be outside California or within the dynamic city of Los Angeles. Additionally, I love riding roller-coasters and going out to try new restaurants. Although I’m more of a winter person than I am a summer person, bonfires with friends and family are the one thing I enjoy the most during vacations. I really hope to make institutional as well as personal change at UCLA in terms of helping students and faculty form a sustainable lifestyle. We can continue to create and re-institute programs that will educate residents on our current environmental state and how we as students can make a difference. I want to emphasize how much of an important role we can make in terms of making a tremendous difference in our community. I look forward in creating a greener campus where students are engaged citizens and advocate for our environment.

Rieber Vista

Gabriel “Gabe” Chan
Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Major
I love tennis. I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and am now a second year. I’ve always been surrounded by sustainable initiatives and mindful of my environmental impact in my daily life. I attended The Bay School of SF, a small co-ed independent high school, and was the Eco Club leader my senior year. It’s great to be a Team Green Coordinator at UCLA, but nothing beats being in the Bay! I am looking forward to making some very big policy and architectural changes to the facilities and services on The Hill to help reduce water and electricity usage. For residents who do not necessarily make sustainable lifestyle changes, these more expensive initiatives are more effective and permanent to making The Hill more green

Hitch Suites

Catherine Achy
Environmental Studies Major
I love the outdoors, doing yoga, and anything food related, whether it be eating, cooking, or learning about food justice! Through Team Green, I hope to make many small changes on the Hill and with residents that will add up and make a big difference.

Hedrick Hall

Sajni Vora
Psychobiology Major
I was born and raised in New Jersey so I’m really happy to now be on the West Coast. I enjoy running, hiking, traveling and of course, eating. I also like reading and am always open to new book suggestions! I’m super excited for this upcoming year! I’m looking forward to educating my building about the importance of going green and incorporating eco-friendly initiatives in order for us to all live sustainably.

Hedrick Summit

Kellie Lue
Mathematics of Computation
I am a first year from Dublin, California. I grew up in beautiful, rainy Mukilteo, Washington, though, so the environment is very close to my heart. I love reading, writing, and music, with a cappella music being my area of focus. I am also a huge Walt Disney fan, from films, to writing in the Disney font, to Disney history. As a Team Green Representative, having residents be aware and actually want to take a stand against creating excess waste would be ideal, however, to change just a few residents’ views through educating them about environmental conservation would be a large step forward. Sustainability is the key to a better and prolonged future, so the more aware we all are of better practices, the more well off we and the world will be.