Academic Support

A huge advantage of living in a UCLA residential community is readily available access to world class places to study, unique classes, faculty, advice and unique community living opportunities. Learn from your neighbors and take advantage of the great academic resources and support available to you right where you live.

Places to Study

Whether you are looking for individual or group study places or a music practice room we’ve got you covered with many different places to study on campus, on the hill and within walking distance of westwood.

Computer Labs / Learning Centers

All of our computer labs / learning centers have new computers, scanners, and printers ready for our resident’s use. Residents get 100 pages of free black and white printing, not to mention staples, study rooms, and other great resources! Questions?


Mon-Thu 8am-midnight
Fri 8am-5pm
Sun 6pm-midnight
Closed on all University Holidays


Sunset Village 150B
(310) 206-0950
De Neve Podium 333
(310) 794-7492
Rieber Hall 145
(310) 206-2397

Classes on the Hill

Classes held on the Hill offer students an intimate atmosphere, group activities, and the opportunity to connect with other residents.

GE Clusters

The First-Year General Education (GE) Clusters are yearlong, team taught, interdisciplinary courses available only to entering freshmen students, many of which are taught on the Hill. The Clusters offer first year students the opportunity to study complex topics in depth, with smaller class sizes and personal access to some of UCLA’s most prestigious faculty members. Clusters focus on topics of timely importance such as the global environment, or interracial dynamics.

Example GE Clusters

The History of Modern Thought
GE Cluster 21A, B, CW
Evolution of the Cosmos and Life
GE Cluster 70A, B, CW

And many more...

Fiat Lux Seminars

Fiat Lux is a collection of one-unit (pass/no-pass) seminars spanning the rich variety of disciplines at UCLA, several of which are taught by Faculty-in-Residence and some are held on the Hill. Designed primarily for first-year students, these seminars provide an opportunity for undergraduates to learn about our world class faculty’s intellectual passions and expertise. Although listed under the Honors program, all students are invited to participate.


Living at UCLA gives you unprecedented access to our world class faculty. Get to know your faculty-in-residence on a personal level, outside the classroom, and learn more about the amazing work being done by UCLA professors.

Dr. Andrea Kasko
Canyon Point
Dr. Charlene Villaseñor Black
Art History & Chicana/o Studies
Sproul Hall
Dr. Christopher Hanscom
Asian Languages and Cultures
Hedrick Hall
Dr. Gaspar Rivera-Salgado
IRLE - Labor Center
De Neve EF
Dr. Ian Holloway
Social Welfare
Rieber Vista
Dr. Jane Pizzolato
Rieber Hall
Dr. Junghoo “John” Cho
Computer Science
Rieber Terrace
Dr. Keith Camacho
Asian American Studies
De Neve AB
Dr. Michael Rodriguez
Family Medicine
Dykstra Hall
Dr. Michelle Erai
Gender Studies
Hedrick Summit
Dr. Neil Garg
Chemistry and Biochemistry
De Neve GH
Dr. Rashmita Mistry
Rieber Hall
Dr. Robert Teranishi
Education & Asian American Studies
Sproul Cove and Landing
Dr. Safiya Noble
Information Studies
Graduate and Family Housing
Dr. Sean Metzger
Dr. Suzanne “Seppy” Seplow
Saxon Suites
Dr. Steve Loza
Sproul Cove and Landing
Dr. Tara Prescott
Writing Programs
Hitch Suites
Dr. Toby Higbie
De Neve CD

Specialized Communities

Students with similar interests live together and participate in specially designed programs that cater to their academic, social, and personal needs in a diverse community of shared scholarly interest. Each Specialized Community is associated with a number of campus departments and student organizations, giving students the opportunity to engage in additional activities that enhance their overall collegiate experience. Students will be part of a close-knit community that supports academic success, cultivates safe and supportive environments, encourages personal growth, fosters social responsibility, and develops leaders here at UCLA. If you have any questions email Here is more info on our specialized communities:

Afrikan Diaspora - Rieber Hall 4 North
Chican@/Latin@ - Sproul Hall 2 North
Design & Innovation - Sproul Hall 3 South
Gender, Sexuality, and Society - De Neve Acacia View 3
Global Health - Dykstra Hall 5
Humanities Residential College - Hedrick Hall 6 South
Pilipinx - Hedrick Hall 5 South
Sustainable Living - Rieber Hall 3 North
Transfer Experience - Gardenia & Holly
Visual and Performing Arts Collective - Sproul Landing 8

Humanities Residential College

In the Humanities Residential College, students with interests in the broad notion of humanistic study live together and enroll in quarter-long Fiat Lux seminars and year-long Cluster Courses, designed around the common interests of faculty and students. HRC students are also eligible to participate in programs sponsored by the UCLA Division of Humanities, such as talks by professors, cultural events, or trips to museums, restaurants, and concerts with other students. All students, regardless of major, are invited to participate in the Humanities Residential College. All you need is your passion to make living in the HRC a successful and enjoyable experience! Learn more...

Additional Academic Resources on the Hill

College Academic Mentor

Get academic advice, help with majors/minors and class planning, grad school preparations.

Mon-Thu 3-8pm DeNeve Office of Residential Life

Undergraduate Writing Center

Free and in person or online writing assistance for students. Drop in during regular hours or make an appointment.

Sun-Thu 7-9pm - Rieber Hall 115
Phone: (310) 206-1320

Scholarship Resource Center

Free scholarship info, workshops, resources, and support services regardless of financial aid eligibility.

Mon-Fri 11am-6pm - Covel Commons 233
Phone: (310) 206-2875