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Academic Support

Whether you live on or off campus, UCLA Residential Life seeks to give you access to additional resources to ensure your academic success. Learn from your peers and take advantage of some of the great academic resources and support available to you, right where you live.

Academic Resources

College Academic Counseling

Stay connected through CAC's message center, virtual drop-ins, or scheduled appointments. Find out more information about College Academic Counseling.

Career Center

Schedule One-on-One Career Advising Consultations, check out virtual programs and explore resources. Connect with the Career Center.

Undergraduate Writing Programs

Schedule a virtual appointment or drop in for writing assistance. Find more information about the Undergraduate Writing Center.

Remote Learning Resources

Here are some learning resources to help you navigate the remote and hybrid learning environments.

Major Blast!

Changing majors? Want to add a minor? Undecided? Explore Majors, Minors, Schools, Resources, and Academic Programs at UCLA through Major Blast!

Zoom Lecture Assistants

The Zoom Lecture Assistant (ZLA) Program supports professors and faculty who need assistance with online teaching and virtual events. Discover how the ZLA Program can support your technology needs.

Places to Study

All UCLA Spots

Click the map to explore study and print locations.

Map of places to study at UCLA

Study Spaces on the Hill

  • Palisades, Carnesale 3rd Floor: Open every day 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Epicuria at Covel: Open every day 10 PM to 2 AM
  • Sproul Landing Living Room & Hedrick Study: 24 Hour Study Space

Reservable Individual & Group Study

Reserve a space to study or to take an online exam. Check out all the available study spaces.

Places to Print

A student stands in front of a touch-screen printing machine ready to swipe their Bruin Card to begin printing something

"Wepa" Print Station Locations

  • Bradley International Hall - Dashew Center
  • Covel Commons - Lobby
  • De Neve - Front Desk Lobby
  • De Neve - Learning Center (Third Floor)
  • Hedrick Hall - The Study
  • Hitch Suits - Study Space
  • Rieber Hall - Lobby
  • Sproul Hall - Lobby
  • Sproul Landing Living Room
  • Sunset - Learning Center (By the Mailroom)

Learning Centers

All of our learning centers have new computers, scanners, and printers ready for our residents' use.

De Neve Learning Center

Multimedia-focused lab with recording booths and a variety of music and video production equipment.

De Neve Plaza (P333)
(310) 794-7492

Sunset Learning Center

Gaming center featuring both new and old school consoles and games, plus 40 computer workstations.

Sunset Village (RM 150)
(310) 206-0950

Rieber Learning Center

Open study space with computer workstations.

Rieber 1st Floor
(310) 206-2397


Equipped with design and fabrication tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers, scanners, and computers to make your projects come to life.

Olympic 4th Floor

Email if you have questions.

Living Learning Communities

Join a community of students who share your passion for exploring an interest or identity and participate in specially designed programs that cater to your academic, social, and personal needs in a diverse community of shared scholarly interest.

The Living Learning Community (LLC) Program features 10 LLCs and the Transfer Experience. Students in these communities have the opportunity to partake in academic experiences with their peers and interact with faculty, enjoying the benefits of being part of a diverse community that shares scholarly interests. Check them out below! If you are interested in joining a Living Learning Community or want to get involved email with any questions. We look forward to connecting with you!

Questions? Email


UCLA Residential Life gives you unprecedented access to world class faculty living among students in the residence halls. Get to know the Faculty-in-Residence outside the classroom and learn more about the amazing work of UCLA professors.

A student reads something to a smiling faculty-in-residence while drinking a beverage.
Three students share a meal with their faculty-in-residence.
Dr. Bharat Venkat
De Neve West
Dr. Charlene Villaseñor Black
Art History & Chicana/o Studies
Sproul Cove and Landing
Dr. Christopher Hanscom
Asian Languages and Cultures
Hitch Suites
Dr. Scot “Dr. Scot” Brown
African American Studies and History
Hitch Suites
Dr. Eddie Cole
Rieber Hall
Dr. Genevieve “Gena” Carpio
Chicana/o Studies
Sproul Hall
Dr. Irene Chen
Olympic Hall
Dr. Jen Silvers
De Neve Towers
Dr. Jessica Harris
Education & Organizational Change
Delta Terrace
Dr. Jose Loya
Delta Terrace
Dr. Michelle Liu Carriger
Theater and Performance Studies
Hedrick Summit
Dr. Mike Hill
De Neve East
Dr. Miryung Kim
Computer Science
De Neve West
Dr. Nina Eidsheim
Rieber Terrace
Dr. Rana Khankan
Hedrick Hall
Dr. Sarah Beckmann
Saxon Suites
Dr. Suzanne “Seppy” Seplow
Hedrick Hall
Dr. Tina Christie
Centennial Hall
Dr. Toby Higbie
Dykstra Hall

Class Collaborations

GE Cluster and Fiat Lux programs offer students an intimate atmosphere, group activities, and the opportunity to connect with fellow students while exploring a diverse array of subjects.

UCLA's Freshman Clusters are yearlong, team-taught, interdisciplinary courses available to entering freshmen students. The Clusters offer first-year students the opportunity to study complex topics in depth, with smaller class sizes and personal access to some of UCLA’s most prestigious faculty members. Students are part of learning communities of fellow students with similar interests, which helps in the transition to college. Clusters focus on big topics of timely importance ranging from the global environment to interracial dynamics.

The Fiat Lux program is a collection of one-unit (pass/no-pass) seminars spanning the rich variety of disciplines at UCLA, several of which are taught by Faculty-in-Residence. Designed primarily for first-year students, these seminars provide an opportunity for undergraduates to learn about our world class faculty's intellectual passions and expertise. Although listed under the Honors program, all students are invited to participate.

Keep in Touch

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