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Explore Majors, Minors, Schools, Resources, and Academic Programs at UCLA! In collaboration with campus departments and alumni, this website features over 75 pre recorded videos. We are so excited for you to navigate through this website and learn about the academic programs and resources UCLA has to offer!

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Major Blast 2023

Join us in person form Major Blast 2023 on Wed., 11/7 6-8 PM in Carnesale Palisades, next to Bplate.

Students will have the unique opportunity to speak with academic advisors, counselors, and/or faculty who can help you better understand majors, minors, specializations, coursework, prerequisites, workload, research opportunities, student organizations, and other general aspects of UCLA’s academic departments/schools.

Find a Major

If you are undecided, undeclared, and open to options, then you are in a great position to explore the various disciplines that UCLA has to offer in order to expand your intellectual horizons.

Get Support

College Academic Counseling (CAC) is committed to helping you make your time at UCLA a positive experience. Go to CACs website to meet with a counselor via virtual drop-ins or schedule an appointment.


Looking to get involved? We are here for you! You can now explore student organizations and clubs, upcoming events, and learn about resources on campus all online.