Lead Resident Assistant Job Description

Position Overview

Lead Resident Assistants have the same position requirements and basic job responsibilities as a First Year RA with additional functions and responsibilities. To be eligible as a Lead RA, an individual must have previous RA experience at UCLA. The Lead RA process requires an application. This is not an automatic process and previously being an RA does not guarantee someone a Lead RA position.

Additional Responsibilities

Lead RAs should be consistently going above and beyond in these three categories throughout the year:

  • Support Their Team
  • Support The Department
  • Support Their Supervisors

Support Their Team

Lead RAs should be pillars of support within their teams and actively seek to make sure that their team members feel included.


  • Provide duty advice to a peer
  • Organize outings, meals, or social gatherings
  • Provide supportive feedback
  • Attend other RAs’ programs
  • Connect the RA and RGC teams

Support the Department

Lead RAs should get involved beyond their team and support the department by offering their time, innovations and input.


  • Sit on a professional staff committee (Student Staff Training, Social Justice Network, Duty Work Group, etc.)
  • Volunteer at the department’s major programs throughout the year (Geek Week, TEDx, Bruin Day, etc.)
  • Get involved in the planning, organization and execution of one of the department’s major programs
  • Give housing tours to visiting students (access, learning exchange, etc.)

Support Their Supervisors

Lead RAs should take on additional administrative tasks for the team and be ready to step in and step up when supervisors are unavailable.


  • Lead meetings when pro-staff are away
  • Volunteer to be the duty scheduler
  • Head one of the team’s committees (EOY celebration, Swag, Birthdays, etc.)
  • Organize a Housekeeping Appreciation event
  • Create professional development materials/presentation for the team
  • Provide critical feedback to their supervisors
  • Help supervisors keep a pulse on the team
  • Hold team accountable from a peer level


Before winter feedback meetings, Lead RAs will be given a form asking them to detail how they have consistently gone above and beyond in the above categories.

  • This form will be reviewed in feedback meetings
  • Lead RAs looking to return for another year must show they have hit all three categories
  • Any Lead RAs not meeting these expectations will have to develop an action plan with their supervisor
  • New RAs looking to return the next year must fill out the form. The form will be reviewed in feedback meetings.
  • New RAs not looking to return do not need to fill out the form.