Get Involved

Bruins are notoriously active, ridiculously passionate, and perpetually involved. Join a club, serve your community, grow as a leader, learn from the experiences of the Bruins around you and have the time of your life. At UCLA there are avenues to explore every interest under the sun.

Become a Leader in Your Community

Apartment Resident Assistant

Help make Off Campus Apartments a great place to live for everybody! Become an Apartment Resident Assistant.

Resident Assistants (RA)

Help make the Hill a great place to live for everybody! Become an RA. Applications are due in Fall Quarter.

Resident Government Council

Representing your on campus residential community.

On-Campus Housing Council (OCHC)

Represent the interests of all residents in the Hill wide student government. Applications are due in Spring Quarter.

Undergraduate Students Association

Help shape the future of the undergraduate student experience at UCLA.

Graduate Students Association

Help shape the future of the graduate student experience at UCLA.

University Apartments South Resident’s Association (UASRA)

Represent grad and family apartment communities.

Weyburn & Hilgard Resident Council Association (WHRA)

Represent graduate students living in Weyburn and Hilgard communities.

The Undergraduate Apartment Housing Resident Government Council (UAHRGC)

Represent undergraduates living the university apartments.

Faculty-in-Residence (FIR)

Current UCLA faculty help shape our communities by living on campus and interacting with students on a more personal level.

Join a Club

Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE)

Information on over 1,000 registered campus groups to get involved with.

Intramural and Club Sports

Cultural and recreational affairs provides many intramural sports, club sports, fitness classes, and outdoor adventures.

Serve Your Community

Volunteer Center

Create social change through lifelong participation in volunteer programs and civic engagement.

Student Wellness Commission (SWC)

Advocate for student wellness. Participate in campus-wide campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles for all Bruins.

Team Green

Help make UCLA the greenest campus in the nation. Promote sustainable practices in UCLA Housing and make a real difference with initiatives like our annual Energy Games: energy saving competition that had 4,000+ participants in 2016.

Campus Events Commission (CEC)

Bring the best of quality feature films, concerts, and speakers to UCLA.

Community Programs Office (CPO)

Promote freedom and equality in underserved communities and empower all people. Join student-initiated and student-run projects focused on increased access to college and community service.

Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA (SCA)

Support and encourage student awareness and participation in the arts at UCLA, while gaining hands-on experience.

Alumni Association

Help plan the annual Spring Sing and Beat ‘SC events. Make career connections with UCLA alumni.

Find a Job

Residential Life

Career Center