Get Involved

Bruins are notoriously active, ridiculously passionate, and perpetually involved. Join a club, serve your community, grow as a leader, learn from the experiences of the Bruins around you and have the time of your life. At UCLA there are avenues to explore every interest under the sun.

Become a Leader in Your Residential Community

Resident Government Council

Represent your on-campus residential community and advocate for resident needs by serving as a Resident Government Councilmember.

Team Green

Help make UCLA the greenest campus in the nation. Promote sustainable practices in UCLA Housing and make a real difference with initiatives like our annual Energy Games.

On-Campus Housing Council (OCHC)

Represent the interests of all Hill residents in the Hill wide student government. Be an advocate in your community.

University Apartments South Resident’s Association (UASRA)

Represent graduate and family apartment communities. Serve and advocate for your community.

Weyburn & Hilgard Resident Council Association (WHRA)

Represent graduate students living in Weyburn and Hilgard communities. Serve and advocate for your community.

The Undergraduate Apartment Housing Resident Government Council (UAHRGC)

Represent undergraduates living the university apartments. Serve and advocate for your community.

Explore Employment Opportunities

Paid Student Positions

There are multiple ways that you can make a positive impact on the residential experience. Explore our paid opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students via our EMPLOYMENT page. Roles range from working with media or audio/visual technology, organizing events and programs, providing support in our academic learning spaces, and so much more. We encourage you to see where you might fit in.