Programming on the Hill

Note that all program and events will be following current campus guidelines for COVID-19 per LA County and state mandates.

Whether you are planning to host an event, share information, or offer a service for students, there are in-person and virtual resources on the Hill to help you engage with our on-campus housing community.

Partnering with Residential Life as a Registered Campus Organization

Res Life and your SOLE advisor will help you navigate programming and/or funding opportunities if you submit a proposal for Co-Programming and/or Funding. For registered student organizations seeking to co-program an event or program that reaches On-Campus Housing residents, please submit a proposal. If registered student organizations prefer to host an event in an On Campus Housing venue without partnering with Residential Life, see alternative room reservation options below.

Proposals for co-programming are due on Wednesdays by 12pm to be reviewed the following Tuesday.

For Fall 2022, we will begin reviewing proposals Week 2 (at our 10/4/2022 meeting), with co-program presentations beginning as soon as Week 4 (10/18/2022) and financial requests Week 3 (10/11/2022). Co-programs take at least 4 weeks to plan and funding typically takes at least 2 weeks to disburse.


All co-programs must comply with Residential Life’s Guidelines for Co-programming. Co-programming with Res Life include program consultation, helping host in-person and/or virtual events, and supporting logistical needs for engagements.


For registered student organizations that are seeking funding to help supplement the cost of their program (either on the Hill or main campus), please review the Funding page and submit the funding section within the proposal form.

Funding Questions

For any questions please email the Funding and Advisory Board.

Funding Proposal

For registered student organizations, we will begin reviewing funding and program proposals in Fall quarter. Please submit the Funding and Advisory Board proposal form.

Alternative Room Reservation Options

Renting Spaces

UCLA Catering and Conference Services coordinate events on the Hill for a variety of paying clients, including both University affiliates (departments, student organizations, etc.) and outside entities. UCLA Recreation oversees the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center and other locations on the Hill.

Non-Residential Life programmers may program independently in On-Campus Housing or adjacent venues. Scheduling and costs are determined by the following:

UCLA Catering & Meeting Rooms


UCLA Recreation


For a private study group, meeting, or practice

Some spaces on the Hill and University Apartments are available for private use via self-serve reservation. Rooms are provided as-is and may not be used to host programs or events-only small-group meetings, study sessions, or private rehearsal. Other terms of use apply.