Arts on the Hill

Residential Life is committed to providing opportunities for all students to engage in the arts to foster identity development, broaden cultural awareness, and promote wellbeing. For students of the arts, arts engagement in the residential setting promotes academic success and career growth.

Our commitment to Arts Engagement includes the following efforts:
* Foster arts engagement
* Encourage cultural and identity expression
* Host world-class artists
* Develop community talent
* Collaborate with campus partners
* Provide resources for student artists
* Empower student leadership in the arts

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Arts Engagement Network

The network is a communication hub that connects UCLA students with artists and arts institutions to engage in activities like concerts, plays, contests, mixers, classes, exhibitions, and more. Whether you are interested in workshops on campus or events in the greater Los Angeles area, the network will help you explore what the arts have to offer. Join the Arts Engagement Network at UCLA Facebook group.

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Submit an Event or Opportunity

Email the details of an arts-related event or opportunity to and we will post if it is free for UCLA students and offers any unique access for UCLA students (such as being on campus)

Live Performances in Sunset Village Plaza

Join us in Sunset Village Plaza on the Mondays of odd weeks at 6-7pm for provocative student performances. We will alternate between an open mic where any student can perform (weeks 3 & 7) and pop-up performances from student artists (weeks 1 & 5). Pop-up performances are curated by UCLA Mindful Music.

Hedrick Movement Studio

Now Available for Self-Serve Reservation at

You asked and we listened. An open space on the first floor of Hedrick Hall is available for you to reserve for independent study or group practice. It is a carpeted space with one mirrored wall. If you have any questions for feedback, please let us know!

S.E.A.D. Funding

The Arts Engagement S.E.A.D. Fund is a $500 per quarter fund to support UCLA students working on projects at the intersection of science/engineering and art/design. Learn more about this opportunity at

Digital Arts Resources on the Hill

Learning Centers

Our Residential Learning Centers offer more than just desktop printing. 3D pens at the Sunset Village location, a Mac lab in De Neve fully loaded with creative software, and more are available to you. Coming in Winter Quarter, we will offer a Maker Space in Rieber Hall! (More details coming soon, or stop into a Learning Center to find out more)

Studio 22

Studio 22 is Res Life’s multimedia production space designed to support UCLA undergraduate students working on multimedia presentations, projects, and portfolios. As a springboard for personal growth and leadership development, the Studio 22 Multimedia Arts Collective promotes discovery, enrichment, and the exchange of ideas through a broad spectrum of materials, technologies, and experiences. MMAC members can:
* Reserve studio space for shoots, projects, meetings and more;
* Reserve computer workstations to complete multimedia projects;
* Access film, audio, and lighting equipment in our studio, free of charge.

Visit for more info about becoming a member of the MMAC!

Calling All Arts Leaders

UCLA Student Organizations and formalized departmental cohorts are encourages to send a representative to serve on Residential Life’s Student Organization Arts Leadership Council. If you are involved with a club or group that works in the arts, learn more at

Arts-focused Living Learning Communities

A living learning community is an environment where students with similar interests live together and participate in specially designed programs that cater to their academic, social, and personal needs. Here at UCLA we have one such community dedicated to the arts, and another on the way!

Visual & Performing Arts Collective

The Visual and Performing Arts Collective is a student-initiated theme community for artistic students and arts enthusiasts. Residents of this community are encouraged to build relationships, attend arts programming, and expand their artistic horizons on the UCLA campus and beyond.

Design and Innovation

The Design and Innovation aims to cultivate students’ passions and pursuits around technology, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Here, geeks, scientists, makers, and designers can develop practical solutions to the world’s challenges. The Design & Innovation Community will enable you to connect with other Bruins to bring your ideas to life.