Employment Opportunties

We love it here! There’s no other university with such a beautiful residential campus, dynamic student population, and fabulous staff. We are committed to providinig the the best experience possible for each and every one of the nearly 17,000 students living at UCLA. If you are a passionate, talented leader who’s excited about being a Bruin, we have a number of opportunities for you to explore.

Faculty-in-Residence (FIR)

Current UCLA faculty help shape our communities by living on campus and interacting with students on a more personal level.

Graduate Housing Community Assistant

Graduate and family housing staff are responsible for programming and resource delivery to one of the four graduate and family student housing communities.

Housing Government Representative (HGR)

Improve the residential experience by representing your community.

OCHC Executive Board Member

Represent the interests of all undergraduate residents in the On-Campus Housing Council.

Program Coordinator (PC)

Provide guidance for student programming and advise student government in residential community.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Help make the Hill a great place to live for everybody! Become an RA.

Summer Resident Assistant (Summer RA)

Help make the Hill a great place to live in summer!

Resident Coordinator (RC)

Live-in, full-time staff members who help guide a dynamic student team and the implementation of the programmatic vision for one of our 15 communities.

Resident Director (RD)

Live-in, full-time staff members who shape a dynamic student team, and develop and implement the programmatic vision for one of our 15 communities.

Office Assistants

Office Assistant

Provide assistance in residential life’s central and satellite offices with administrative tasks such as creating flyers, filing, running errands, photocopying, answering phones, and greeting office visitors.

Program and Event Management

Program Support Technician

Provide audiovisual and event production support for a wide range of programs and events that take place within the residential community. These activities include: academic courses, theatrical productions, concerts, large-scale social events, training sessions, and much more!

Social Media

Social Media Assistant

Develop original content and positive online experiences for the residential communities.

Social Media Graphic Assistant

Design flyers, posters, and motion graphics for Residential Life & Studio 22 productions.

Social Media Student Supervisor

Assist in the training, assessment, coordination, scheduling and supervision of Social Media team members.

Studio 22 (resTV)

Studio 22 Office Assistant

Provide administrative and project assistance for Studio 22.

Video Production Assistant

Write, direct, shoot, and edit original video productions for the residential communities

Video Production Student Supervisor

Provide guidance, training, and coordination all aspects of Studio 22 video and media productions

Video Production Graduate Student Supervisor

Assist in the supervision of video production student team members. Coordinate the setup and use of equipment, working with talent, and adherence to safety protocols while on location for productions.

Information Technology Services

Computer Support Technician

Provide hardware, software, and general IT support to the Residential Life offices.

Learning Center Consultant

Provide customer service and support in the computer labs / learning centers.

Resident Learning Center Consultant

Help fellow residents with technical education and programming/workshops.

Resident Technology Supervisor

Manage the computer labs / learning centers and guide the work of the Resident Learning Center Consultants.