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The Learning Centers Team manages a number of spaces across UCLA On Campus Housing: DeNeve Learning Center; Sunset Village Learning Center; MakerSpace @Olympic Hall; MultiMedia Production Studio in DeNeve and the UCLA Housing Media Team Creative Space in DeNeve. Our spaces and resources are free for all students with a BruinCard


The DeNeve Learning Center is located on the 3rd Floor of the DeNeve Commons building (next to the Dykstra Hall Bridge) and is comprised of three spaces: Lobby area & Study Space; Music Production Studio & Study Space; Design Lab and Study Space. The lobby offers couches, outlets, and 2 WEPA Printers (one B&W and one Color). The Music Studio offers iMacs, Ableton music production software, midi keyboards, beat pads, and a sound recording booth.

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The Sunset Village Learning Center located in Delta Terrace (across from the main entrance to Covel Commons) is comprised of three spaces: Lobby/Video Game Lounge; Main Lab 1; Game Lab 2. The lobby offers couches and counter study space, along with 3 TV monitors for console gaming and two WEPA printers (one B&W and one Color). Main Lab 1 serves as a study space with room for up to 20 people. Lab 2 offers 20 PC computers for studying and eSports/Bruin Gaming resources.

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Calling All Makers! Whether you are an experienced maker producing samples for an entrepreneurial or class project, or new to the maker game (adding skills and developing your creative side), the MakerSpace @Olympic Hall is the space for you. With a wide range of equipment (ex. 3D printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter), CAD software, hand tools, and tutorial workshops - this creative space is a destination for all makers and open to all UCLA students.

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Questions? Contact us at Lab@orl.ucla.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!