Community Development Intern

The Community Development Internship is a paid position which will provide you with a leadership experience to help build and connect with your Living Learning Community. Candidates are considered for an academic year appointment in a Living Learning Community. The functions of all Community Development Interns are the same, however, the manner in which functions are implemented may vary according to the Living Learning Community.

Why we need you

One of the pivotal factors that contribute to the success and overall experience of the Living Learning Community (LLC) are the residents. Within each community, residents have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of events and activities created by their student leadership team made up of the Resident Assistant(s) and Community Development Intern. We need an organized, adaptable, and motivated individual like you to ensure the success of your LLC.

What you’ll do

Under the direct supervision of the Living Learning Community Coordinator, the Community Development Intern will perform the following tasks:

Community Building & Event Planning

  • Promote, develop, and implement active and passive programming relevant to the LLC
  • Encourage residents to engage in floor activities and programs to build community
  • Develop positive, respectful, and personal relationships with residents
  • Implement the 9 Deliverable curriculum to meet all event planning requirements
  • Identify campus partners and stakeholders that directly benefit the LLC


  • Work independently and efficiently on all task assignments
  • Maintain an online archive of all files and work for the LLC to serve as a reference for future Community Development Interns.
  • Meet regularly with the LLC Coordinator
  • Work a minimum of 3 hours per week in an assigned office space
  • Attend training sessions as assigned and weekly staff meetings


  • Develop strong oral and written communication skills for email correspondence and presentations
  • Collaborate with other Community Development Interns to establish and continuously contribute to the overall success of the LLC program
  • Work closely with the community student government to understand LLC residents’ needs and concerns, and to encourage their involvement in programs
  • Establish an effective work relationship with the Resident Director, the Assistant Resident Director, the LLC RAs, and other stakeholders in order to effectively meet residents’ needs

What makes you qualified

Skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to perform assigned functions. You must be a current resident of the Living Learning Community. Previous group living experience and leadership experience through participation in a formal organization are deemed helpful.

For this position, candidates must have a 2.3 minimum cumulative GPA at the time of application, hire, and/or rehire (beginning of Fall Quarter of each academic year).
Successful candidates must maintain full-time student status (12 units per quarter) during time of employment.
Looking for candidates with spunk, spirit and spice to grow and share their knowledge to advance the organization.

Minimum Academic Requirements

In order to support the academic success of our student staff, Residential Life conducts Grade Point Average and Enrollment Checks for all student employee positions. We may conduct these checks at the time of application and any time thereafter once the student has accepted a job offer.

  • For this position, a student must have a 2.3 minimum cumulative GPA at the time of application, hire, and/or rehire (beginning of Fall Quarter of each academic year).
  • For this position, a student must maintain full-time status (12 units per quarter) during time of employment.

How much you’ll get paid

Up to 8 hours a week at $14.50/hr

Hiring timeline

Application opens: January 30th, 2020, 12:00PM
Application closes: February 13th, 2020, 11:59PM
Skype interviews will occur: February 14th - 21st
Offers will go out: February 24th - 28th
Training begins: Around September 8th, 2020 (Move onto Hill weekend before; during training all meals and housing will be provided.)

How to Apply