Study Hall Proctor

Why we need you

Residential Life and UCLA Dining provide proctored nighttime study spaces in residential restaurants across the hill. The study spaces are open to all UCLA students after dinner meal service. Guests check-in by scanning a QR code. The data collected via QR code check in helps Residential Life and Dining staff better understand students’ study trends to improve space offerings and support academic success.

What you’ll do

Under the direct supervision of the Academics Coordinator, Study Hall Proctors will perform the following tasks:


  • Arrive on time to assigned proctor shift.
  • Facilitate check-in at residential restaurants via QR code.
  • Conduct hourly rounds in study space and submit data throughout assigned shift.
  • Support virtual proctoring opportunities as requests arise.
  • Assist the Academics and First Year Experience team with projects and programs as needed.


  • Establish and maintain working relationships with the Academics Coordinator, Housing staff, Residential Dining staff, and the proctor team.
  • Practice strong oral communication skills to welcome students and deescalate conflicts if they arise.
  • Use slack and email to provide timely updates to the team.

Maintain a safe environment

  • Ensure the safety of students in study spaces throughout shift. If issues or emergencies arise, contact the appropriate personnel.
  • Maintain the community rules and covid-19 protocols of the study space and confront students not adhering to the guidelines.
  • Wear a proctor jacket and name tag throughout your assigned shift to increase visibility for students and staff.
    The Study Hall Proctor position is open to all undergraduate UCLA students. Candidates are considered for an academic year appointment.

What makes you qualified

Skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to perform the assigned functions above. Looking for reliable, responsible candidates with strong communication skills.

In order to support the academic success of our student staff, Residential Life conducts Grade Point Average and Enrollment Checks for all student employee positions. We may conduct these checks at the time of application and any time thereafter once the student has accepted a job offer.

  • For this position, a student must have a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA at the time of application, hire, and/or rehire (beginning of Fall Quarter of each academic year).
  • For this position, a student must maintain full-time status (12 units per quarter) during time of employment.

Looking for candidates who are accountable and night owls.

How much you will get paid

$16.25/hr. Typically proctors are assigned one 4-6 hour shift a week. Six-hour shifts begin at the start of each quarter. Four-hour shifts begin week three of the quarter. Shifts conclude each quarter during finals week. Specific hours can be found on the application portal.

What is the hiring timeline

  • Application opens: August 21, 2023
  • Application closes: September 4, 2023
  • Interviews will occur: September 5 - September 8, 2023
  • Offers will go out by: September 13, 2023

How to Apply