OCHC Executive Board Member

The On-Campus Housing Council (OCHC) is a body of student representatives from each resident’s association, as well as appointed Executive Board members. OCHC serves to advocate for On Campus Housing residents read more below and apply today:

OCHC Timeline 2018

OCHC President and Treasurer (Appointed Positions)


Mon, January 29 Applications available
Mon, February 12 Applications Close at 11:59pm
Tue February 13 Interviews 6-8pm
Wed, February 14 2017-18 OCHC President and Treasurer Announcement

OCHC Executive Board (Elected Positions)


Mon, February 5 Applications available
Fri, February 23 Applications Close at 11:59pm
Mon-Thu February 26- March 1 Campaign Week
Thur March 1 at Noon until Friday March 2, closes at Noon Community Elections
Fri, March 2 2018-19 Executive Board Announcement

Six Executive Board members serve as the leadership team for the On-Campus Housing Council. Executive Board members must be residents of On-Campus Housing and be in good disciplinary standing with the University and Residential Life. Additionally, Executive Board members must uphold the True Bruin standards of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Service, and Respect, and display these values throughout the year.

For additional information about positions or the application process please contact Josh O’Connor at joconnor@orl.ucla.edu

OCHC Executive Board Expectations


Executive Board Positions and Responsibilities: Overall it is expected that each Executive Board member will dedicate 15-20 hours a week, hold a minimum of 15 office hours a week, attend various additional meetings outside of OCHC that pertain to the Hill interest, and meet weekly with the OCHC adviser. Additionally, One must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and live in On Campus Housing.


Spring Quarter (year prior), open to any student wanting to live on the Hill. Appointment process: Application, interview, appointment by current year council. Click the button at the top of this page to apply!


NACURH conference attendance (May 25-28, 2018 at Arizona State University), Residential Life Fall Training (September), Residential Life Winter Training (January).


Executive Board members are compensated with a stipend of $2,000 a quarter.

Meeting Structure

Academic weeks 1-10, Weekly, Tuesday 5:00-6:00 PM (executive board) and 6:00-7:30 PM (general council).
Meetings take place in order to gather student leadership of the Hill and provide a forum for these leaders to advocate on behalf of their residents needs and for a positive Hill experience. Meeting topics include: Hill Policy, OCHC Signature Programs, General advocacy around hill and campus issues. Meetings will be interesting, fun, and developmental for the students in attendance.

OCHC Programming

In an effort to provide epic social programs, OCHC will execute two all Hill events per quarter and True Bruin Welcome Week. These programs will be imagined and executed in concert with all members of OCHC with leadership from the OCHC Program Director.

Executive Board Positions and Responsibilities


Shall be the official representative of OCHC to Residential Life and Housing administration. The President is responsible for preparing agendas and developing the meeting experience, presiding over meetings of the Executive Board, OCHC, and Presidents’ Council, maintaining active and timely communication, preparing and presenting weekly bi-weekly and end of quarter reports, and encouraging residents to plan and assist implementation of facility initiatives and policy initiatives. Power to call for and administer all OCHC votes.

Director of NRHH

Shall be responsible for preparing agendas and developing the meeting experience, presiding over meetings of NRHH and active and timely communication, preparing and presenting weekly bi-weekly and end of quarter reports. Shall be responsible for all recognition and award bids submitted at our campus and then to the regional (PACURH) and national (NACURH) associations. Shall chair UCLA’s “Of-The-Month” (OTM) Committee and hold bi-weekly meetings to determine award recipients and provide certificates and plan the “Of the Year” banquet. Plan programs to facilitate service opportunities for hill residents. With NRHH plan and coordinate all recognition programs and activities. Strive to enhance visibility of NRHH within the UCLA On Campus Housing Community. Additionally, the NRHH Director shall attend NACURH and PACURH monthly regional chats as well as conferences (NACURH- May/June, PACURH- October/November, No Frills- January/February). Find and provide community service opportunities. *more details of this position are in the NRHH constitution

Vice President (IVP)

Shall be the official representative of OCHC to USAC and any other campus organization with which the Council is involved, and will create and maintain collaborative relationships throughout the University (Wooden Center, Housing Appeals, etc.). The VP shall represent OCHC at NACURH and our PACURH affiliate and attend monthly regional chats. The VP will coordinate UCLA’s conference delegation attendance, submit bids for presentations, and head delegations for national and regional conferences. The VP shall assist the OCHC President where needed and preside over meetings in absence of said President; Prepare and present weekly bi-weekly and end of quarter reports as well as NACURH affiliation report.

Programming Director

Shall lead the Council in developing programs that uphold the True Bruin values and meet the needs of the larger Hill community. Program Director chairs and coordinates all logistical aspects of official OCHC programs, including: reserving facilities, organizing setup, managing the vision of the event, and creating resident awareness of these programs. Prepare and present weekly bi-weekly and end of quarter reports. Act as liaison between the Programming Board and OCHC. * Programming Board is a group of student and professional staff that considers proposals for and puts on events for UCLA’s On-Campus Housing residents. This board meets weekly throughout the academic year.

Communications Director

The Communications Director shall design, produce, and distribute all promotional materials. Strive to enhance visibility of OCHC within the UCLA On Campus Hosing Community. Publicize OCHC through social media. Manage, update, and improve OCHC website. Direct, create, and upload promotional video content. Take accurate minutes of all OCHC meetings and then distribute and make them public. This position will act as the webmaster for the Council website and oversee all OCHC social media sites in coordination with the Residential Life Media Team. The person in this position also provides opportunities for team development for the Council and Executive Team. Shall keep the database of membership, activities, and meeting minutes. Prepare and present weekly bi-weekly and end of quarter reports.

Finance Director

Handles OCHC’s finances, prepares annual budget and supervises spending of funds in accordance to OCHC constitution, bylaws, and UCLA policy and procedure. Prepares and presents weekly bi-weekly and end of quarter reports. Maintains financial /administrative records in their community. Supervises collection and distribution of all OCHC funds. Shall present an initial written budget to be submitted to the Council and keep accurate records of all financial transactions and accounts maintained by OCHC. The Finance Director will make weekly presentations on the budget and assist the Council in making resource allocation decisions. The OCHC Finance Director will chair the Residential Life Funding Board.