Resident Government Council

UCLA’s On Campus Housing has a robust student government created for students with an interest in leadership who take on active, committed roles within the residential community by promoting True Bruin values on the Hill and upholding the mission and core values of Residential Life.

Our residential student leaders are provided multiple and diverse opportunities to be dynamically involved with their communities, and enhance the residential experience by enticing and engaging residents in activities and topics such as: academics, service, sustainability, social justice, safety, health, and the arts. Additionally, they utilize a variety of methods (example: social media) to promote positive living and learning within communities and to inform and involve its members.

Specific Resident Government Opportunities

If you are interested in student government at the all-Hill level you might also be interested in Executive Board positions with OCHC. This is the UCLA On Campus Housing Council which is the governing body of the Hill.

If you are interested in student government at the local residential level you might also be interested in Association President or Treasurer. Click the link to learn more about this opportunity and apply.


Residential Association Presidents & Treasurers (Appointed Positions)

Mon, April 2 Applications Available
Fri, April 13 Applications Close at 3pm
Thu-Fri, April 16-20 Interviews
Mon April 23rd Announcement of President and Treasurer for each community
Fri, April 27 President and Treasures confirms appointment by 3pm

All Residential Association Positions (Elected Positions)

Mon, September 4 Applications Available
Sun, October 1 Applications Close at 11:59pm
Mon-Thur, Oct 2-5 Campaigning Week
Mon Oct 2 Meet the Candidates in Respected Communities Campaigning Week
Thu, Oct 5 Community Elections between 5pm-10pm
Fri, Oct 6 Resident Government Council Winners Announced
Fri-Sun, Oct 6-8 Training Weekend
Mon, Oct 9 1st Community Association Meetings

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I become a candidate?

You must submit an application by the deadlines in the timeline above, depending on which position you wish to apply for.

What are good qualities for a candidate to have?

Successful candidates will be dedicated to the well-being of their community. They will understand that they serve the residents of the respective buildings they represent. They will understand the roles that their positions are intended to achieve within their community. They will understand that they are making a commitment to improve the residential experience for everyone residing in their community.

What are the position responsibilities of an Association Position?

President Job Description

  1. The president is the official representative of the Cabinet, representing the building community to the administration of Residential Life, Housing, and UCLA.
  2. Attend Presidents Council in order to participate in conversations to improve overall Hill living as well as role as President.
  3. The President brings both the Cabinet and Association meetings to order, and is responsible for facilitating discussion.
  4. Works with Resident Director (RD) and Assistant Resident Director (ARD) to ensure good, safe, and comfortable working environment for fellow council members, along with the development of building programs and events to further engage residents.

Treasurer Job Description

  1. The Treasurer, in consultation with the Resident Director, shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the community association’s budget.
  2. The Treasurer shall administer all Association check writing and cashing for all approved expenses.
  3. The Treasurer shall attend Funding Board meetings as the community’s representative and report back to the Cabinet and Association with any relevant information. If Treasurer is not available for academic reasons, a proxy must attend in order to be the voice of the community.

Communications Representative Job Description

  1. The Communications Representative shall be responsible for recording and maintaining all minutes of the weekly Cabinet and Association meetings.
  2. Manage the buildings Facebook page and other social media sites for the building.
  3. The Communications Representative will liaise with the Residential Life Media Team.
  4. Attend monthly or biweekly meetings
  5. Design and publicize flyers for community Resident Government Council programs
  6. Report back to Director of Communications for meeting minutes

On-Campus Housing Council Job Description

  1. While this Representative is a member of the community association, they are a key affiliate of the On-Campus Housing Council and as such they are knowledgeable about their community needs in order to vote, represent, and advocate for the their association. It is expected that this representative will not spend time on Association programming.
  2. Attend OCHC meetings.
  3. Participate in the planning and execution of OCHC legislation.
  4. Participate in the planning and execution of OCHC programming efforts
  5. Work with the OCHC Executive Board to make administrative recommendations for the Hill on partnerships and Hill programs, attending and working around three large events per year.
  6. Represent their residential community at weekly Policy Review Board (PRB)
  7. Gather feedback on Hill operations and general concerns/questions from their building associations and residents, and reflecting those perspectives in their engagement each week
  8. Next in succession to lead meetings if the President is absent.

General Representatives A, B, C (and D for communities with 700+ residents) Job Description

  1. While General Representatives establish an active role to understand the current experience and needs of residents, they will maintain focus on the following areas: Academic Support, Health. Safety, Leadership, Service, Recognition, Social Justice, Sustainability, Arts.
  2. Attend various hill meetings and conversations around topic areas in order to learn more, share student desires, and take information back to their Association.
  3. General Representatives will cultivate partnerships to advocate for their community as well as to share and receive relevant information for residents in their community.
  4. One General Representative will serve as the Team Green Representative and one will serve as a National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Representative

Team Green Representative Job Description

  1. Educate residents on sustainability through programming.
  2. Incorporate sustainability tactics in community engagements
  3. Promote energy conservation
  4. ttend regularly scheduled Team Green Meetings
  5. Talk with residents to discuss potential projects to promote sustainability
  6. Assist your community’s association with projects

NRHH Representative Job Description

  1. Participate in planning community service opportunities for the Hill
  2. Communicate community service projects to your residential area
  3. Promote and adjudicate “Of the Month” submissions “Of the Month” submissions
  4. Talk with residents to discuss potential community service projects
  5. Assist your building’s association with other projects
  6. Attend regularly scheduled NRHH meetings

Facilities Representative (+1 for communities with 700+ residents) Job Description

  1. The Facilities Representative will oversee setup and breakdown of events/programs planned and executed by Residential Life staff and/or Association by providing their community with audio, video, & lighting support for meetings & community programs throughout the school year.
  2. The Facilities Representative will oversee equipment inventory and maintain care of equipment assigned to their community.
  3. Learn technical skills to develop a universal foundation of AV expertise & safe usage of the facilities
  4. Connect with the Cabinet and staff in order to maintain positive communication and connection between Facilities Representative and community programmers.
  5. Lobby for equipment purchases for their communities with intent to upgrade, replace, or improve the effectiveness of the AV equipment in regards to programming.
  6. Required to meet once a quarter and on an as-needed basis for event planning, training, and equipment maintenance.

How are the positions being advertised?

Through a number of efforts on the Hill, including social media, digital displays, word of mouth, and various other means of communication to spread the word that we are looking for the next leaders of Hill.

When do I have to decide to run?

By the application deadline listed above.

After submitting my application, what are the next step?

Talking with the current team is a great way to gain a better understanding of the position(s) you have applied for.

What will I be doing in my role?

A key asset of our resident government is peer advocacy. The desire to promote the best interests of all residents with a focus on the quality and satisfaction of the on-campus living experience is at the forefront of all decision/policy making. The On Campus Housing student leaders connect with as many residents as possible in order to understand the diverse array of student experiences. These leaders serve as conduits to share the needs and feedback of residents with administrators and other advocacy channels. They also have such opportunities as: reviewing funding proposals, offering input on the cost of on-campus housing and how residential student money is allocated and spent, and planning and organizing programs that enhance the on campus living experience.

In order to accomplish all of this, key meetings with an open dialogue discussion take place about specific community needs, as well as all Hill needs. Additionally, the structure of this student government system begins with the On Campus Housing Council (OCHC) as the lead advocacy and decision-making body. Each community is represented via a vote at OCHC meetings. These representatives also hold individual meetings in their own communities to create forums to hear directly from students about their specific needs and interests. Finally, for each smaller community, on the floor or house level, there are also opportunities for residents to get involved, have their voices heard, and make a difference.

What is the compensation for holding a position?

An OCHC Executive Board member is compensated via stipend at $2,000 a quarter. A residential association leader is compensated via stipend at $300 a quarter. All stipends are voted on each quarter by that association.

What is the time commitment for being in residential student government?

15-20 hours of time a week is expected of OCHC Executive Board members and 5-8 hours a week is expected of a residential association leader.

What does training consist of?

Training is a time to learn all of the ins and outs of your position. Fall Training will be on October 6-8th. Please note that this is a mandatory training - not optional

Still have questions?

For additional information about student leader positions or the application process please contact Josh O’Connor at