Learning Center Consultants

Learning Center Consultants (LCCs) staff our Learning Center Labs and are responsible for user support and basic maintenance in On Campus Residential Learning Centers (computer labs).

Under the supervision of the Learning Centers Manager with the assistance of the Resident Technology Supervisors (RTS), The Learning Center Consultants’ functions include:

Student Assistance

  • Assist residents with software applications and minor technical problems in the computer lab
  • Advise residents on computer solutions using lab applications
  • Advise residents on academic resources and tools

User Account Management

  • Create new user accounts
  • Manage user accounts by enabling/disabling, changing passwords, troubleshooting minor problems

Print Management

  • Ensure that printers are in working order
  • Manage print queues


  • Ensure that equipment is secure and in working order
  • Monitor and report user attempts to breach network security
  • Maintain integrity of passwords and alarms
  • Verify lab users’ identification
  • Report suspicious activities and violations of lab rules to the Systems Analyst for Student Computing
  • Uphold and comply with all departmental and university standards, policies and regulations


  • Perform technical troubleshooting and repairs on computers such as hard drive replacement
  • Communicate repair requests to Resident Technology Supervisors and Systems Analyst for Student Computing
  • Re-image workstations on an as needed basis


  • Open and close the lab in compliance with lab guidelines
  • Communicate lab needs to other proctors, the Resident Technology Supervisors and the Systems Analyst for Student Computing
  • Attend training for four days prior to hall opening for Fall Quarter
  • Attend winter training/retreat prior to opening for Winter Quarter
  • Complete other projects as assigned by the Systems Analyst for Student Computing


Possess skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to perform assigned functions. Technical knowledge of Windows 2000 and all software applications provided in the computer labs preferred. Applicant must be reliable, friendly, and helpful. Computer Lab Proctor positions are open to students living either on or off campus.

Minimum Academic Requirements

In order to support the academic success of our student staff, Residential Life conducts Grade Point Average and Enrollment Checks for all student employee positions. We may conduct these checks at the time of application and any time thereafter once the student has accepted a job offer.

  • For this position, a student must have a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA at the time of application, hire, and/or rehire (beginning of Fall Quarter of each academic year).
  • For this position, a student must maintain full-time status (12 units per quarter) during time of employment.




For additional information about this position or the recruitment process, please email lab@orl.ucla.edu.
To apply - https://reslife.ucla.edu/z/5agh3f7m6wbqkvd9t2p4