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The Transfer Experience offers housing solely with other transfer students and provides programs designed to meet the needs of our fantastic transfers! The Transfer Experience LLC provides a supportive environment for transfer students to successfully transition into UCLA’s culture and community. At UCLA we recognize that the needs of transfer students vary significantly than those of incoming freshman, and it is our hope that all transfer students feel the inclusion and pride associated with becoming a Bruin.

Benefits Include:

  • Being apart of a community with fellow transfers
  • Surrounding yourself with transfers who also want to explore UCLA and the Los Angeles area
  • Participating in specialized programing focused on the needs of transfer students
  • Immersing yourself in an environment that will enrich your academic and social life
  • Networking with our faculty in residence

The Transfer Experience LLC is located in De Neve Holly.

Recent Programs

  • Meet S’More Transfers
  • Get Out to the Getty
  • Transfer Prom
  • Study Abroad Information Session
  • Research Opportunity Information Session
  • Santa Monica Field Trip
  • Graduate School Information Session
  • Movie Nights
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Breakfast and Cartoons
  • Transfer Beach Bonfire
  • Making the Most out of Your Two Years Information Session
  • Welcome Reception
  • Karaoke Night
  • Meet S’more Transfers
  • Halloween Movie Night
  • Trivia Night

Resident Perspective

  • “It feels good to be able to back on campus again, and meet other transfer students.”
  • “Living in the transfer dorm makes it much easier to socialize with people and never feel boring because there are so many activities organized by the community development interns.”
  • “It is great to have all the transfers who have similar backgrounds in one building.”
  • “Living in Holly enriches my perspective being with diverse student backgrounds, I like how people think differently.”
  • “It is nice because you no longer feel alone in your frustrations, you have a support network.”
  • “Coming from another country and being able to find people that are also new to UCLA and who have the same problems and doubts as you makes the whole transition much easier and enjoyable”

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