Afrikan Diaspora


The Afrikan Diaspora Community provides students with opportunities to be immersed in Afrikan culture at UCLA and beyond. Living in this community allows students with similar interests to create lifelong friendships, partake in programming and dialogue that is mindful of issues surrounding Afrikan culture, and provides students with opportunities to be involved in the Los Angeles community.

“Afrikan” is spelled with a “k” rather than a “c” to symbolize the reunion of Afrikan people worldwide. “Diaspora” refers to any group that has dispersed outside its traditional homeland.

All students, regardless of cultural heritage or major, are invited to join in on the rich exploration of Afrikan culture.

Recent Programs

  • 8th Annual Black History Extravaganza: Join us for a night full of celebration of Black history and culture through song, dance, and spoken word.
  • People of Color Tour: Take a campus tour that highlights student activism, and learn how you can make a difference here at UCLA.
  • Affordable Care Act & You!: Join the Global Health living learning community in learning about the ACA and its social impact on students.
  • Film Series: Come watch a series of films throughout the year with your peers on topics that focus on and highlight the Black experience in America, such as hip hop culture and political activism.

Resident Perspectives

  • “This place is like home. I enjoy being here!”
  • “When I think about this floor, I think about the experiences that I have had. If I didn’t live here, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”
  • “I’d describe the floor as really fun, open, and being in a living learning community makes it so you’re more open to hanging out with each other.”
  • “The combination of people that live here are cool; I’m learning a lot of different things from them.”

Campus Partners

Academic Advancement Program
African Studies Center
Black Male Institute
Hammer Museum

Affiliated Student Organizations

Afrikan Student Union


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