First to Go

First to Go, Proud To Be

The First To Go Living Learning Community provides an inclusive living environment for students who identify as first-generation college. This community is designed to stimulate academic success by providing support and cultivating an encouraging environment community to aid in maximizing student success. It assists in family and community connections and aids in managing the “two worlds” of school and home while creating pride and visibility among the diverse UCLA first-generation community. Students who chose to live in this community gain an extra layer of support in navigating through the university, increased connections to faculty, staff and first-generation specific resources and a fostered support system of first-generation peers.

The primary focus of the First To Go is to heighten visibility around the first-generation college identity and cultivate community through the common shared experiences of navigating university life.

All students, regardless of cultural heritage, identity or major, are invited and encouraged to join in building the first-generation college experience.

*Note: for our program, a “first-generation college student” is identified as a student whose parent/guardian have not received a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree.