The Pilipin@ Community provides students the space to immerse themselves in Pilipin@ history, culture, and community at UCLA and in the greater Los Angeles area. Students living in this community share interests and experiences around the Pilipin@ Diaspora. They will have the opportunity to create lifelong friendships, while partaking in co-curricular programming, dialogue, and activities relevant to the Pilipin@ experience.

“Pilipin@” is spelled with a “P” rather than an “F” to symbolize the reclamation of the Pilipin@ identity before Spanish Colonization. Further, The “@” symbol is used to be gender-inclusive.

All students, regardless of cultural heritage or major, are invited to join in on the rich exploration of the Pilipin@ Diaspora.

Recent Programs

  • Pilipino Alumni Panel: Introduce UCLA PIlipinos to successful UCLA Alumni during the ResLife inauguration of Pilipin@ Learning/Living Community.
  • 6th Annual Pilipino American History Film Festival: As a part of Pilipino American History Month, Samahang Pilipino and UCLA Residential Life are proudly partnering to screen two short documentaries that promotes cultural awareness and brings diversity to the UCLA campus.
  • LLC Signature Retreat to Historic Filipinotown: Dive into Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown as we spend the a day on retreat away fro mUCLA on a tour of Historic Filipinotown and eat at none other than Bahay Kubo. Dive into Pilipino culture and the community of Los Angeles.

Resident Perspectives

“Welcome to a family of student leaders passionate about the Pilipin@ experience. Mabuhay!”

Campus Partners

American Advancement Program
Asian American Studies Center
Hammer Museum

Affiliated Student Organizations

Samahang Pilipino


Email us at livinglearning@orl.ucla.edu