Transfer Experience


The Transfer Experience provides a supportive environment for transfer students to successfully transition into UCLA’s culture and community. At UCLA we recognize the needs of transfer students vary significantly than that of the incoming freshman class and it is our hope that all transfer students feel the inclusion and pride associated with becoming a Bruin. The Transfer Experience offers housing solely with other transfer students and provides programs designed to meet the needs of our fantastic transfers!

Benefits Include: Interacting and building community with fellow transfer students, being part of a close-knit community looking to explore UCLA and the Los Angeles area, programming focused on campus academic and social resources, and an opportunity to network with faculty in several areas of interest.

The Transfer Experience is located in De Neve Holly .

Gardenia Transfer Experience

Recent Programs

  • Transfer Tailgate
  • Acoustic Cafe
  • Programs on graduate school application process
  • Making the most out of your two years
  • Studying Abroad for Transfer Students
  • Preparing for jobs after Graduation
  • Transfer Mixers
  • Book Clubs

Resident Perspective

  • “This is better than living in an apartment, you get to meet people, and get a head in.”
  • “It enriches my perspective being with diverse student backgrounds, I like how people think differently.”
  • “It is nice because you no longer feel alone in your frustrations, you have a support network.”

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