Visual and Performing Arts Collective


The Visual and Performing Arts Collective is a community for artistic students and arts enthusiasts who want to be surrounded by like-minded thinkers to inspire and introduce their peers to new areas of study in the arts. As members of this community, residents are encouraged to build relationships, attend arts programming, and expand and explore their artistic horizons on the UCLA campus and beyond.

All students, regardless of artistic background or major, are invited to take part in an engaging and vibrant floor that explores the various mediums of the arts and their impact in society.

Recent Programs

  • Visual and Performing Arts Collective Showcase: Celebrate a night full of the arts as residents present original visual artwork and performances of music, dance, spoken word, and theatre!
  • Cooling Your Hot Mess: Reflect and discuss how various arts, such as theatre, sculpture, and writing, can be useful to dealing with stress and challenging circumstances that are both individual and structural.
  • Getty College Night: Join fellow residents of Sproul Cove Landing and the Visual and Performing Arts Collective for a night of art, music, food, and celebration at the Getty Museum!
  • Open Mic Nights: Express yourself through evenings of music, improv, spoken word, and more! Residents are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and display their talents to a supportive and warm audience.
  • Post Secret: Engage with the Post Secret community art project by creating your own postcards and/or decorating a collage picture frame!
  • Center for the Art of Performance Passport program: Attend six arts performances throughout the academic year, from a theatre performance based on military experiences, to a musical exploration of Los Angeles culture!
  • Relating Chungking Express to Hong Kong Protests: Come view a film and participate in a discussion led by a current UCLA Film/TV student, and discover and explore your artistic interpretations of moving images.

Resident Perspectives

  • “I never really felt as connected to my floor mates as I do on the Visual and Performing Arts Collective. Living on this floor has made my second year so amazing because I can literally walk around singing and someone will join in. I feel as if what I love to do is what everyone else loves to do and that is an amazing feeling. They understand my passion and I understand theirs; this is such an amazing floor and I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of it. Thank you Universe!!”
  • “My experience in the Visual and Performing Arts Collective has been much more than what I asked or hoped for. People here are accepting, friendly, and also encouraging. I was not fortunate enough to grow up in an environment that always necessarily appreciates talent in art but the residents here each have their own individual artistic talent and appreciate other forms of art that people express, which is pretty awesome.”
  • “Through living in the Visual and Performing Arts Collective Theme Community, I have made new friends of diverse artistic talents and backgrounds. Our shared passion for the arts has contributed greatly to an inclusive, supportive, creative community. I highly recommend that you live in a Theme Community for a memorable residential life experience.”
  • “I proposed this Theme Community because I am incredibly passionate about all areas of art, especially dance, and I recognize the unique power art has in connecting individuals from different backgrounds. This community is designed for those individuals with a love for creative expression and an open mind to collaboration. I envision a community full of musicians, painters, dancers, photographers, actors, filmmakers, poets, and arts enthusiasts who are eager to learn from one another and create meaningful artistic relationships and friendships. Residents should expect to see floor programs revolving around the arts - including open-mic nights, workshops, and group trips to performances and museums at UCLA and in the Los Angeles area. I am excited to see where this community of artists will go in the future…the possibilities are limitless!”

Campus Partners

Art & Global Health Center
Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA
Hammer Museum
School of the Arts & Architecture
The Getty Student Programs
UCLA Residential Life Arts Engagement
Wallis Annenberg Center

Affiliated Student Organizations

Cultural Affairs Commission
Hammer Student Association
Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA


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